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Legal Committee: general amnesty does not include convicted of terrorism and corruption

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Legal Committee: general amnesty does not include convicted of terrorism and corruption


BAGHDAD / long-Presse

Announced a coalition of state law, on Saturday, he rejected the inclusion of the perpetrators of "terrorism and corruption" crimes amnesty law, as called for political blocs to unite the political discourse. The MP said Ali al-Adeeb, head of the state parliamentary law, during a press conference at the parliament building with a number of deputies from the bloc and attended (range Press), said that "the coalition at a time which emphasizes the enactment of the amnesty law, he rejects categorically the inclusion of terrorist crimes by the launch release of their hands stained with the blood of Iraqis. " The writer stressed the need to "failure to extend his hand to the spread of public money and blood on his hand and financial and administrative corruption", calling for political blocs to "unify its rhetoric and its position on the supreme national issues and give priority to the national interest."
The House of Representatives, has finished in the 14th of November the current 2015, the second reading of the draft general amnesty law, after he had conducted a first reading of the project (the fifth of July 2015).
In turn, the Legal Committee in the House of Representatives announced, the failure to extend laundering cases money and crimes of "terrorism" general amnesty law.
The MP said Mohsen al-Sadoun, a member of the Legal Committee during a press conference with members of the committee and attended (range Press), said that "the number of exceptions contained a general amnesty law, amounted to more than 14 exception", stressing that it "has approached the Ministry of Justice, for the purpose to send us the final statistics of the number of convicts and detainees in Iraqi jails in order to evaluate the exceptions in the light of those figures. " He added Sadoun that "the members of the House of Representatives and the political blocs, have the desire and the will to finish the legislation of the amnesty law in the coming period, and expressed hope that" the legislation before the end of this year.
"He pointed a Kurdish lawmaker that" the exceptions contained in the amnesty law included Non-inclusion of terrorism offenses in the 2005 law, "he said." We will give a definition of terrorism and covered by an amnesty under the Terrorism Act, "adding that" the parliamentary legal committee decided not to include money laundering issues a pardon.
"For his part, MP Hassan Turan, a member of the Legal Committee, that" Legal Committee is seeking to guide the actions included in the amnesty toward fairness prisoners of innocent people, and focus on the real culprit, "stressing the need to" legislation amnesty law as soon as possible with the rights of the oppressed guarantee, especially with victims who Qubawa in prisons malicious charges or through the confidential informant " .

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