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New York Times: the emergence of Daash no one is talking about the reasons as much to blame

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New York Times: the emergence of Daash no one is talking about the reasons as much to blame


Translation: Ahmed Alaa

Withdrawal of US troops from Iraq in 2011, the new old enemy began to appear similar manner with a different label, emergence of organizing Daash came amid the absence of the Iraqi state, and the decay of the American role in the country and low desire Sunni tribal fighters in Alguetal.zeim new organization at the age of 38 years , cleric short-sighted, and non-combatant, unlike his predecessor Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the godfather of the insurgency in Iraq, who was killed at the hands of the US military forces four years of chasing relentless. before
wife's new leader says, according to the testimony of the Iraqi police, "Where are the Islamic State of Iraq, which you are talking about? We live in the desert! ".

Now after five years, taking the organization Daash very different path has exceeded the limits of colonial life 100 years in the Middle East in control so the millions of people in Iraq and Syria, and imposing time himself, his authority over the land vast to become the most prominent terrorist group in the world.
Who follows the origins of this militant movement, find training grounds terror that existed in Afghanistan and supervised by the al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden at the time are the same, the new The organization has achieved two means are control of the territory, according to the old strategy of al-Qaeda, and slogans under the black flag and beheadings.
Since last summer, trying to organize Daash expand globally. In the past two weeks gave activity by adopting the responsibility of dropping a Russian plane was carrying 224 passengers, and sent the killers of a group to carry out attacks in the Lebanese capital Beirut ended with the deaths of 43 civilians, and finally Paris attacks, which killed 129 people in The most violent incident.
Here amid the world's great amazement, and acceleration in the launch of questions among the most important, of these, and what they want, whether behind and potential plans ?!
In 2012, the Defense Intelligence Agency has been prepared in the United States directly report warned that the production of a new terrorist organization resulting from the civil war in Syria, because this war will give Islamist militants the opportunity to spread prosperity, especially if this jihadist movement announced it would take over parts of Iraq.
Gen. Michael Flynn, who was director told US Defense Secretary at the time, said: "This report does not single read and no one wanted to care about, and ignored the White House and ignored by other elements of the intelligence community, and the White House for his part stressed that he does not fulfill the information."
Neither this report nor any other event was known as the mystery that produced organization Daash key, but there is one thing political discourse in the United States and the tone of President Bush in the selection of the marginalization of the political and military elites in Iraq and anger led to their formation nucleus of this organization, as well as criticism hit with US President Barack Obama's administration that the allies are not taking the campaign against Daash seriously.
After the militant group announced the caliphate, an extension of previous empires, which ended with the Ottomans, the imposition of militants in Syria and Iraq, their power to make the two countries, the global center of the conflict.
Existing conflicts in the Middle East between Iran and Saudi Arabia, which lead roles Shiites and Sunnis, and other problems such as fleeing from war, poverty and the constant flow of immigrants, are all factors that increased the tightening grip Daash in those two countries.
William Makants, an expert on Islamist groups at the Institute of Brocguinnz Research believes that the indifference of US officials is the reason for the emergence of organizing Daash.
There is no evidence that two of the key figures in the rise of organizing Daash had met before ever, but the brutality Kstratejah faith in itself is something in common between them.
Zarqawi and al-Baghdadi, leader of organizational concepts are similar in terms of the brutality, differ by a few recipes of them, al-Zarqawi, the Jordanian was a thief and violent, and his mother says that he is not smart, unlike the other, who was an Iraqi known the title of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and it's quiet Sunni man is likely Islamic science class, and loves football.
Religious fervor and the organization of the main al-Qaeda and America's war on Iraq and reject the secular culture in the West, many believe that these factors are caused by attacks on Paris.
And given back a bit, we find that these attacks are the same attacks that took place in the atheist th of September in 2001 on the World Trade. But a completely different style of thinking, Zarqawi was more violent and terrible than the leader of al Daash, because he grew up poor in the blue Jordanian industrial city in the two-story house with seven sisters and two brothers.
Zarqawi was in his youth a certified strictly on Islamic militancy in its approach, he traveled to Pakistan and Afghanistan and met there already the leader of the organization bin Laden, although the latter was reluctant to accept organization because al-Zarqawi, they seemed to compete signs that would worsen in the coming years, and this what actually happened.
Zarqawi was thinking eager manner, and saw clearly that the United States would invade Iraq, he returned to Iraq in 2003, according to US reports as establishing sleeper cells to cope with the Americans, and later greatly benefited from the marginalization of the United States Army for Saddam and the Baathists.
Attacks against Americans and tensions with Shiites, is al-Zarqawi, the cornerstone early in the civil war in Iraq, that they were the most important mark the attack on the UN headquarters in Baghdad and the bombing of the shrine of Imam Hassan al-Askari in Samarra, the United States pushed the allocation of prize money for those who found Azwquaoui reached $ 25 million, the same award presented to those who find bin Laden too.
In the meantime Zarqawi wants to declare an Islamic state, and this is what it criticized the second man in Al Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri, who is now leader of the main al-Qaida organization.
Beheadings and wrote al-Zarqawi, were mainly driven feelings of enthusiastic young people for the blood of the militants were common, and finally al-Zarqawi was killed in a US raid in June of 2006.
Four months after the killing, the foundations of al-Zarqawi, "the Islamic state" allies, a group of dozens of Sunni militant groups fighting in northern Iraq, according LOURDES Kofi US Colonel, who pointed to the existence of risk in the north of Baghdad, specifically represented a terrorist organization like al-Qaeda.
He adds Covey, the militants Daash today are unlike al Qaeda militants, they want to control on the ground and form their own government and create a community for them.
Apart from his piety, there is the fact indisputable, that al-Baghdadi is a former prisoner at Camp Bucca, the American reality in southern Iraq, this place was crucial to the formation of the Iraqi jihadists, even fired some experts as the "Academy Jihadist or jihadi university", because the United States has provided unintentionally conditions to train a new generation of rebels.
Gen. Douglas Stone, the director of the US prisons in Iraq convey two views writers Michael Weiss and Hassan Hassan in the famous "Daash .. army of terror their book", saying, "If you're looking for building the army, the perfect The place is a prison, because the available dental health care and good food and lack of exposure to the detainees in the prisons exist. "
And one of those who have spent all this time in prison is Haji Bakar, the former Iraqi army Colonel Saddam nicknamed "Prince of the shadows," later became the second man in the organization in terms of leadership. He was killed in 2014 while fighting for the organization in Syria.
Al-Baghdadi was jailed for 10 months since 2004, his actions were quiet and non-inducible sentenced on something and devout, orderly and is characterized by the settlement of disputes that occur between the detainees in prison.
John Brennan, director of the Central Intelligence Agency said last week in a speech at the Washington Institute research, the organization Daash completely destroyed when it was US forces in Iraq, especially that he has lost in that period 700 element of his followers, and when he left the forces Iraq organization began to grow a little, According to the word Brennan.
There is considerable disagreement about the initial success on the elimination of Daash, as the US military has helped the Sunni tribesmen and formed what is known as the Awakening, which were able to eliminate al-Qaeda, but the jihadists have returned to the forefront, taking advantage of the chaos by 2010. In June of that year, Gen. Odierno, commander of US forces in Iraq, said "there is a big up to the militants in the country, it is too early to know of them and what they stand for." Americans at that time believed, that the war in Iraq ended in victory, and US forces pulled out of the country soon. But immediately the escalating tensions between the Sunnis and the government began in Nuri al-Maliki management time Iraq with the support of the United States and Iran, especially when cutting tribes salaries which was the Sunni Awakening, and subsequently, the wrath of the year from the government to open this case is much room for the rebels to enter the Sunni areas Rescuers as of al-Maliki.
Al-Baghdadi, was appointed leader of the organization Daash in 2010, and started his group in the exploitation of the Sunni fears of the previous government. Makants say, that 2009 was articulated and accurate to the organization and work in Iraq moment.
He adds Pinkerton that the extremist group managed to co-opt Sunni tribes for recognition by recruiting their men, was a smart idea of ​​the group's leaders, as well as the exploitation of militants Daash social networking sites to spread their ideas, which attracted the attention of Western and large resulted in the flow of foreign fighters into Iraq and Syria.

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