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Parliamentary delegation revive Russian arms deals worth $ 7 billion, including MiG-35 and T90 tanks

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Parliamentary delegation revive Russian arms deals worth $ 7 billion, including MiG-35 and T90 tanks


BAGHDAD / Mohammad Sabah

Parliamentary delegation succeeded, visited Moscow recently, to persuade Russia to activate the 10 armament contracts worth for 7 billion dollars had been concluded by the Maliki government, but stopped because of suspicions of corruption and financial crisis experienced by Iraq. According to members of the parliamentary security committee, the contracts include the purchase of 35 MiG fighter jets and tanks T90 as well as anti-tank missiles, along with light and medium weapons.
The members of the parliamentary delegation that Moscow is ready to activate the contracts concluded with Iraq in a "payment on credit", to be repaid over a period of a maximum of 5 years.
Gave parliamentary delegation request for the use of the Russian aviation to strike Daash on Iraqi soil as part of a four-party alliance, but Moscow stipulated received a request an official from the Iraqi government.
The Moscow has revealed the cover for four-room coordination headquarters in Baghdad rally to its side of both Iran and Syria. And the varied responses of the Iraqi actions about the reality of this alliance and the limits of its operations.
Stunned Russia and the international community Bandfalla to meet the organization Daash in Syria, through the establishment of military bases and sending fighter jets and hundreds of experts who are involved in the fighting alongside the Russian troops.
He says MP Abdulaziz Hassan Hussein, a member of the Commission on Security and Defense Parliamentary, that "the delegation of the security committee ended a two-day visit by the Russian side, which mainly met the members of the committees of defense and foreign relations in the Russian Duma," adding that "the visit dealt discuss the political and security situation in that seen in the Iraqi arena of the repercussions." He said Hussein, in an interview (range), "The delegation asked the Russian side post flight to hit Daash positions inside Iraqi territory," pointing out that "the Russians have expressed their agreement to the foregoing by the Committee on Security Parliamentary delegation, provided that the request by the Iraqi government for the participation of the Russian aviation in the war against Daash.
"He said MP from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan bloc that" what Russia wants in the current circumstances is the formation of an international bloc of all countries of the world in order to fight al Daash and eliminate it in Iraq and Syria.
"The member of the parliamentary delegation of return just from Moscow that "Russia does not want to create alignments or international conglomerates in the region through an intention to form an international conglomerate, but they were seeking to eliminate Daash international participation and a wide ICON under their command but managed things by all States that Stnazavi in this new bloc."
Kurdish lawmaker speaks that "the Russian side revealed to the delegation of the Committee on Security and Defence parliamentary about the presence of 44 countries provide financial, logistical and intelligence support to Daash", adding that "Russia has serious in the fight against organizations Daash."
And the scenes of the visit, speaking MP Hakhuan Abdullah, the other member of the Security Committee parliamentary by saying that "The visit of Russia was an official invitation addressed to the Commission on Security and Defense by the Russian Duma."
said Abdullah, told the (range), "The visit focused by both sides on the need to arm the Iraqi army with weapons and equipment which enables it to Daash fight organizations. " Noting that "what has been addressed to him is to know the reasons that hindered the implementation of some armament contracts concluded between Iraq and Russia." He said a member of the security committee that "the most prominent of broken contracts with Russia, is a MiG-35 aircraft contract deal and Russian tanks and some medium and light weapons they need the security services." "The delegation discussed the issue of four-party alliance and the Chamber of intelligence, consisting of Russia, Iraq, Syria, Iran, and Russia's role in this alliance." He said Kurdish lawmaker that "the Commission on Security and Defence parliamentary decided to pursue corruption that marred and delayed the activation of some armament contracts signed by the Russian side," stressing that "the Russian side Egypt to provide support to Iraq to fight Daash."
Shows the MP Hakhuan Abdullah that "there are many reasons behind the late arrival of some armament contracts from Moscow to Baghdad concerning the lack of financial liquidity by the economic crisis that we went, "pointing out that" the security committee delegation agreed with the Russians to repay amounts Russian armament contracts to Baghdad Order forward.
"The Maliki government has concluded contracts arming with Russia, but have been hampered because of allegations of corruption have marred the process involving former government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh and other MPs.
In this context, MP Mohammad al-Karbouli, a member of the Iraqi delegation, says that "the total contracts signed by the previous government with the Russian side up to more than Ten arming decades, "pointing out that" some of these contracts where the reluctance and suspicions of corruption, and other Off because of financial liquidity.
"He Karbouli, in an interview with the (range), that" the Security Commission delegation and the defense sent a detailed report to the General Commander of the Armed Forces The defense and interior ministries which explains what took place during his visit to Russia three days ago. " The member of the Bloc Forces Union that "the report speaks of no objection Russia supplied Iraq with weapons which will be cross-payment on credit regulated according to a specific organization timetables," noting that "the size of the amounts due on those contracts ranging from 6 to 7 billion dollars are all signed by the the previous government.
"asserts MP Mohammad al-Karbouli that" the payment on credit will be from three years to five years, "noting that" for the first, second and third decades has been paid by Iraq, but the fourth contracts marred by foot-dragging because of the lack of financial liquidity.
"The attention of a member of the security committee of parliamentary that "late contracts include tanks T90, which is a sophisticated tank and anti-tank rockets and light and medium weapons, which were delayed due to the financial operations and some corruption liquidity crisis decades."

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