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Moscow calls for Baghdad to submit a request to participate in the fight Daash

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Moscow calls for Baghdad to submit a request to participate in the fight Daash

Sunday 11/22/2015 0:15

Baghdad Alabarah- Bashir al-Araji,
Russia called on the Iraqi government to make a formal request to it in order to participate in the fight Daash gangs, as the Syrian government requested it and led to weaken the power of the terrorist organization there and the destruction of much of its headquarters in areas difficult for the army or the Syrian aviation accessible. However that there are divisions within the political home of the Iraqi participation of Russia for Iraq in its war against Daash, the case came to directing strong criticism to the government after the agreement on the establishment of an intelligence center shared by Russia, Iran, Syria, Iraq and take Baghdad headquarters of him, but this may be the Russian aviation's contribution to Iraq's long-term, according to the statement made ​​by President of the Republic Fuad Masum, who also pointed out that the Iraqi conditions are different from what is found in Syria. He told security and defense committee member of the parliamentary Qassim al-Araji, said Moscow has asked Baghdad, during a visit of a delegation of the Committee to Russia a few days ago, to submit a formal request for participation in the war Daash inside Iraqi territory. Araji said in his interview for "Baghdad news" that Moscow has a willingness to support Iraq's security and to participate actively in the fight Daash, we have found seriousness of the Russian side in this regard, noting that this request Sthsmh the Iraqi government, a test to see how serious in the face of US pressure trying to push Russia out of the scope of military operations. He Araji that the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary delegation, found serious and supported by Russia, especially with regard to providing military expertise and participation talk, flying in bombing Daash terrorist sites and areas collected, which is what we really need with no real desire From the American side in fighting the terrorist organization and who also opposed the presence of coalition intelligence quadrant coordinate intelligence among the four countries (Iraq, Russia, Syria, Iran). He was President Fuad Masum, has ruled out the request Baghdad from Moscow military assistance, he said in an interview with a news agency Iran said Iraq would not ask Russia in the current perspective to carry out military attacks against Daash in Iraq. He added that Iraq's circumstances differ from Syria circumstances, but this does not deny that our relations with Russia are good, adding that there is coordination Iraqi Iranian, where he was Tehran's role supporting Iraq since the occupation Daash of the connector, as well as the case for the international coalition and its role in the war against Daash.

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