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Turkey sanction the territory of the province to fight the Kurdistan Workers'

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Turkey sanction the territory of the province to fight the Kurdistan Workers'

Sunday 11/22/2015 2:40

/ Othello Alajafal / Baghdad news
dawn on Saturday, a joint US - Turkish military operation against al-Daash in Syria began, designed to support Syrian Turkmen Brigades. According to Turkish media, has participated in the campaign six fighter aircraft F-16 Turkish, F-15, an American, which killed 70 militants of Daash. and supported Turkey's Sultan Murad Brigades, which managed to restore several villages of al Daash in the northern city of Aleppo. This is a joint campaign, the first step in the agreement between Washington and Ankara for the protection of the Turkish border with Syria. Turkey has another goal, far from organizing Daash, the PKK, which resides on the Iraqi and Syrian territory in the north of the two countries, in the ends of the past decade, Turkey launched an attack on the PKK, entered it into the Iraqi territory deep in specifically the Kurdistan region, said the time Turkish officials that "Turkish forces will not stop until the attainment of the official Iraqi flag, which bears the words (God is great)," pointing out that "the flag of the Kurdistan region will not stop them because they do not recognize Kurdistan as (state). "President of the Region of the outgoing Massoud Barzani, fly the flag of the Kurdistan region after the liberation of Sinjar, refusing to raise the Iraqi flag in the atmosphere of the judiciary, prompting some Iraqi politicians to accuse the Government of the Territory to capture of the province of Nineveh judiciary. France bombings last The threat Daash terror on two continents, The Old Man and the US, has stepped up the pace of operations against it in Iraq and Syria, and led the international coalition forces and NATO, the North Atlantic to raise the pace of the war against the organization, which means the probability of entry of Turkey on the line of the war, Valtsaal here, Is Turkey will enter into Iraq the same argument (science)? Does Siei Barzani, the seriousness of his position? writer and political analyst Ziad Ugaili says in an interview for "Baghdad News" that "the PKK forces of militias involved in the list of terrorist state, and although deterrent, to organize Daash in Iraq, and their participation in the battle with Peshmerga fighters, but it is not reasonable to deal Kqguat friendly, especially since the Iraqi-Turkish relations, diplomatic standards are good, and we have them growing economic ties and large interests. "He adds Ugaili that" the Turks, and after the victory of the Justice and Development Party, led by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan They want compensation for economic losses that hit the country in other years, and therefore, they need to insist albeit without the "feasibility" on the ground, so it is a declaration of war against the PKK will give strength to the positions of Erdogan and his government, as well as the access to the Iraqi depth , will give weight to the Turkish army, and would have a very strong gains, even in the negotiations with the Government of the Territory, playing field based on the political and military balances. "refers Ugaili that" the Kurds in the previous time that income by the Turkish army in the depth of the territory of the province, Astnjdoa central government and the Iraqi army, and they did Parliament through their representatives, in addition to the diplomatic move is important, which was led by former Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, which tempered and intercourse with it ", recalling that" the Erbil created in the past few months, tensions with all parties in the center and south because of their position, then After then created internal tensions with the MDC, eight recent Tuz events and put them in a very weak position, so if true, expectations, and entered the Turkish troops, he will find Massoud Barzani and his followers themselves, are alone in front of the Turkish Alhelman. "confirms Ugaili" The opportunity is still there Barzani to restore stability to Kurdistan, and re good relations with the central government, where all the parties are still calling for dialogue, but obstinate attitude will go the region to major problems, especially in light of the war against al-Daash Iraqi and circumstance economic hard. "

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