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The dismissal of the governor of Salahuddin raise political and legal controversy

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The dismissal of the governor of Salahuddin raise political and legal controversy

Sunday 11/22/2015 2:43

Baghdad news / Haidaralamchana
after Salahuddin province, witnessed a stable security is relative, and that has been achieved
as a result of the victories achieved by the security forces and the popular crowd during the fighting there, which resulted in keeping the reins in the province of security pieces, the dawn of the Council of Salahuddin province, a bomb Maybe it was the first of its kind in the resolution, which is the sacking of the governor of Salahuddin Ahmed Abdullah al-Jubouri, who is one of the most supportive and support political figures of the security forces and popular crowd there, the cooperation that has contributed to the expulsion of Daash criminal gangs from the province and the return of its inhabitants, the decision of dismissal was contrary to the law on the one hand, For political purposes on the other hand, according to what was confirmed by deputies from the province, which has developed a number of question marks, for this particular time and what the legal justification relied upon the decision of dismissal.
It MP Salahuddin Jassim Mohammed province said that "what happened mobility in the Provincial Council Salahuddin recently resulted in the dismissal of President of the Council and the governor, stands behind him political interests and objectives, "added Jaafar that" Salahuddin Provincial Council has had a negative role in the processes of liberalization in record time for the governor to attend military units with the popular crowd. He criticized Jaafar in a press statement seen by "News of Baghdad," the role of the Council of Salahuddin province in editing operations.
For his part, MP Habib Terminal said in an interview for "Baghdad news" that the Council of the governor of Salahuddin decision dismissal of the governor, requires a legal justification for his dismissal, considering that Article 21 of the provincial law confirmed the existence of legal grounds in order to sack the governor, Terminal In response to questions regarding if the decision impeachment bunk or has taken for political reasons, he said, that the Salah al-Din Provincial Council of all of its members should be explaining the reasons for dismissal, saying talk about the reasons for impeachment by destinations outside the Council of Salahuddin just talk to Ayakhm him, explaining the legal right of the governor to challenge and compliance to eliminate legitimate statement or not.
as he emphasized the legal expert Tareq Harb said Salah al-Din Provincial Council, adopted on the ninth of this month's dismissal of the governor and the appointment of the Governor acting in his stead decision, violates the provisions of Law No. (21) of 2008 as amended by Law No. (15) for the year 2010, the governorates not organized law in the province. He said the war in a statement Atalt it "Baghdad News": that paragraphs (4) and (5) of Item VIII. Article VII of the Act, which added Amendment law gave the governor has the right of appeal of the provincial council's decision to the Administrative Court within 15 days and granted court hearing to challenge a ruling within 30 days, and necessitated those paragraphs the governor said the conduct of conservation work through that period and until the issuance of a decision from the court's ratification of the provincial council's decision Balacalh, and that means that the status of the governor and his power continue after the dismissal of the provincial council and the provincial council may appoint another governor acting until the court's decision, and therefore, the Council of Salahuddin province's decision to appoint another conservative came Unlike legal texts mentioned.
The Council of Salahuddin province, was taken in the ninth of this month's decision to dismiss the governor and acting governor appointed in his stead.

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