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The start of implementation of the key stages for «Faw»

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The start of implementation of the key stages for «Faw»


Thousands of tons of Omani rocks up to the port
of Baghdad morning's New:
According to a shipping source in Basra province, on Saturday, that a group of South Korean ships arrived hours before to the coasts of Faw which is loaded with thousands of tons of extracted from the mountains of Oman power rock for use in the establishment breaker (barrier) waves at the site of the project port of Faw, noting that "the import of large quantities of rocks means that the basic stages of the project to build the port of Faw carried out at a steady pace despite the repercussions of the financial distress."
The source said in a press interview, "The three ships Korean arrived successively within the past few hours to the coast of Faw loaded with rocks mountainous been brought in from Amman authority for use in the creation of a breakwater at the site of the project port of Faw.
"He added that" ships expatriate including one called (CY Basvk), and the second bearing the name (Marvat), and the third is called (it will be factory), and every one of them carrying at least nine thousand tons of rocks, and there are more ships loaded with rocks due to arrive later. "
According to the source, he was quoted by "Alsumaria News", that "imported rocks characterized by intense Beslaptha and resistance to salts, and color tends to blackness."
It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Transport and developed in 2010 the foundation stone for the project of Faw port that contains accordance with the basic designs developed by the consulting firm Italian on a large container terminal, and a berth last a length of 2,000 meters , as well as very large yard for the storage of containers, and other multi-purpose arena, while due to the capacity of the maximum of the port 99 million tons per year to be at the completion of all stages.
The total cost of the project port building estimated four billion and 400 million euros, and the government moved towards financing the early stages of the project that the private sector undertakes the completion of the remaining stages of the investment formula, especially since the port is of great importance to world trade level if what has been the establishment of a railway line connecting the Gulf region through the Iraqi territory in northern Europe through Turkey, which is to transport goods strategic project known as the "dry canal", and it holds the current company (Daewoo) South Korean establishment breaker waves in the western port site, with the Greek company setting up the eastern breaker waves, and then dug a direct port basin and deepen the navigation channel leading to his decision.

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