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New fuel free energy threaten the throne of the oil

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New fuel free energy threaten the throne of the oil

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: the world knows solar energy ... but now recognizes the granules Si granules scattered between the sands of the deserts in the world, which produces free energy is stronger than oil and gas energy a thousand times.

Alqrihh burgeoning technology for the time being for fuel may shake the throne of energy markets in the world, it has been leading the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia towards bankruptcy, and cause the collapse of the oil market. Vgugl invest $ 300 million in it, and Apple billion dollars, the US Department of Defense has invested $ 7 billion in a single day. Even Saudi Arabia, which owns the oil price is low enough 100 years, investing in this fuel $ 109 billion, after it said Ali al-Naimi, the Saudi oil minister, said his country may stop oil extraction and use, thanks to this new fuel.


It's only $ 5 a capital company is not, and have the technology capable of providing the planet's energy-free over 36 thousand years to come. This company is preparing today to announce the discovery of this, what could raise stock prices 500 percent between overnight.

Is life wrote of energy in the earth again?

This energy produced by granules do not grow more than granules desert sands present the number of the sands of the deserts, and free do not need to research or exploration, and valid for use immediately for the production of energy in any thermal plant, described by the International Energy Agency as fuel may become the first source of energy in the earth, surpassing the oil, gas and coal. The US Department of Energy said this fuel, located in all parts of the earth, strong power can produce in one week stronger with 'A' time from the energy produced by oil or gas together, in full.

There is no doubt that the man who stands behind this discovery will not only find the enemy, as long as threatening to the oil and gas markets and money, and everything is based upon the global economy and stock markets major countries and indicators of crude oil and metals trading. But it is on this subject that this fuel is not new, but physicists have known for more than 100 years!

Economists expect that the size of this market fuel up to 48 trillion dollars, growing by up to 80 thousand percent.


Says the US Energy Department said 173 terawatt of solar energy hits the earth every second, and this is greater than the total consumption of energy in the world about 10 thousand times, that hits the earth every 40 minutes is enough sunlight throughout the world to provide the energy a year, which hits the ground in one month is enough sunlight to power 1,000 years the world. In three years - 36 months - can capture enough energy to run the world 36 thousand Snh.kan this known at the first of the twentieth century, but the world was missing the necessary technology to take advantage of it.

Even the year 1954, which saw the birth of the solar cell, which can store and use energy. However, the investment of these solar energy was very expensive ... so far.

Today, solar energy is cheaper than any other power. Why?

Scientists found between sand grains deserts semi-metal blue granules called 'Si'. They discovered that this molecule from the body contains 14 Aketronh, packed quad in a way, it does not exist in any other molecule, capable of contiguity with electrons and other particles. This contiguity participatory converts solar radiation into energy 'free' valid for everyday use ... for free and without interruption, as long as the sun shines every day.

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