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"Islam is falling"

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1 "Islam is falling" on Sat Nov 21, 2015 4:01 am


"Islam is falling"

Saturday 21-11-2015

Jafar Allonan / Islam fallen, is deviant thought that publishes extremism and wash the minds of young people and feeding them the texts of wild and invite them to blow up their bodies and hides Anhenm Arahimhh texts and his main concern first distortion to the religion of Islam Asiluthoelh Wahhabi terrorist bloody delights of killing innocent people.
Turban may be available fallen strongly in Saudi Arabia, I mean falling turban turban Wahhabism is the promoter of the thought of Ibn Taymiyyah and Al-Ghazali who wrote scandals and esoteric virtues Almstzarah Kafr which all Islamic sects, except for one division.
It is the first book entitles taking the wealth of the Muslims of the Shia and Ismailia and upper and others shed their blood in public.
Aldaasha deviant thought resulted from a savage texts and yellow turbans and gilded oblique intellectually named Wahhabism.
The Al-Ghazali is the first to be initiated murder Gdara which are based upon the Wahhabi and derivatives of Daash and al-Qaida and the victory and other movements "animal thinking" in the booby-trapping the markets, shops, schools, kindergartens, mosques, parks and playgrounds "
He says in his word malignant scandals esoteric read "... Ngtalem Nsvk their blood and worked to fight whatever they kill them and Jazz were the first band (Shiites) to understand when fighting the people attending the prostitute kills and unjust."
M. very Ghazali Aldaasha so it goes to what is the biggest Lefty to kill women and says "The Niswan then we kill them Sarahn into believing that whatever is appropriate Magherrnah Kafr on the counterattack, we have murdered."
And of course with the children of prisoners Ghazali says in his book takfirist "no matter how their boys offered them the accepted Islam before their Islam received swords for its proximity to their necks and insisted on reverting their disbelief extended the swords of their fathers the right to their necks and walk their conduct of apostates."
Wahhabism of the most dangerous because it Daash brutality, murder and deviant thought and Islam for the factory of the world unless it is to get rid of this deviant thought, Deter intellectually and refute theories vessels.
Muslims generally face a significant risk that they either unite all of us to confront Wahhabism and derivatives or to eat real Wahhabi Islam and turn his theories into theories of rigid immobile on the ground.
Can not be for the countries of the world to achieve victory over the Daash unless the clergy addresses diabolical texts found in the body of Islamic thought otherwise, the thought-Ghazali and turban falling which allows for Daash killing innocent people spread across the earth .. Wahhabi coming from the head of underdevelopment and the depth of the savage texts.

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