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Minister of Labour: Send two draft legal child protection and child care to the State Consultative to be converted to Parliament

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Minister of Labour: Send two draft legal child protection and child care to the State Consultative to be converted to Parliament


the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Mohammad Xiaa Sudanese, announced the sending of the Child Welfare Authority to the Ministry drafts legal child protection and child care to the Council of State, for the purpose of turning them into the House of Representatives for approval.
The Sudanese, Saturday, in his speech during the 11 Annual Conference of the defense of the rights of the child, that "freedom from conflict and violence is the most important entitlement should be achieved for everyone everywhere," adding that "our ministry has made ​​great and painstaking efforts to raise the profile of services and programs provided by Mstvdia across its departments and its various bodies for widows and orphans, and people with special needs, the unemployed and the poor, in an effort to reduce the size of the suffering faced by these groups.
"He added that" Social Protection Law No. 11 of 2014 included a lot of mechanisms that aim to protect the parties and families covered a network of social protection, Kaaagaf exchange amount in the absence of continuing a family surveyed sons, to emphasize the continuing education to reduce the phenomenon of children dropping out of school and for their access to education, which is a human right and factors and sustainable development.
"He pointed out that" the Child Welfare Authority worked to promote child rights and protection across Ashenth different events through implementation with on children destinations, as an achievement draft Child Protection Act and the Child Welfare was sent to the Council of State, to take their way into the legislation.
"He said the Sudanese importance of" cooperation with regional organizations and international partners to promote Protection of the Rights of the Child, especially with the United Nations Children's Fund UNICEF, which is a key partner of the body in a lot of programs and services provided to children in Iraq.
"He pointed out that" the counter of a comprehensive national policy for child protection project in Iraq, is one of the large national projects, cutting this project way and reached the advanced stages through cooperation with UNICEF and it is hoped hold an expanded meeting tomorrow to view the document before its launch once and for all with the end of the year.
"He Sudanese hoped to" overcome obstacles and making society Salem blessed with children the care and attention, and we hope a concerted national and international efforts to contribute to reducing the effects of war and conflict on children in terms of what still have a lot in this area, "he said." This will not only through the consolidation of the concept of the overall construction is achieved, "pointing out that" we have to work together to create a positive climate that guarantees good execution and planning of the various policies and programs.
"" I do not lose sight of one of what has happened in the country and passed out of the challenges left behind a serious impact on all members of the community and the children were the biggest victim of war and conflict that ravaged the country, as conditions contributed to the decline in the standard of living for many families became unable to do the necessary burdens to provide a decent living which showed signs of child labor and school dropout and street children and lost the community a lot of the energies of growth and prosperity.
"He pointed out that" the 139 countries in the United Nations agreed to a global targets of 15 next year includes 17 goals for sustainable development, which is expected to These goals become a major point of reference for development policies and programs of countries over the coming years 15, and should these goals put in mind in the coming politicians.
"explained the Minister of Labour" The importance of this conference comes from being a step and an opportunity which affirm our commitment to the practical context for treatment and follow-up issues and challenges facing the childhood in the country, "calling on conference participants to" work on a scientific basis and in the planning process to build institutional capacity to deal with related to family and children's issues and must for this effort to come out with recommendations that can be implemented ".anthy

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