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IOM Announces displaced more than three million Iraqis

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IOM Announces displaced more than three million Iraqis

November 21, 2015 0

The International Organization for Migration, on Saturday, that the number of displaced Iraqis has reached more than three million displaced people, and as pointed out that displacement is still continuing, confirmed the return of more than 440 000 displaced people to their homes in a number of provinces.

According to a report of the matrix trace of the International Organization for Migration displacement in Iraq, that "there are 3,181,176 displaced Iraqis (530 196 households) since the first of January 2014 until the fifth of November 2015".

According to the report, that "the provinces that hosted the largest number of displaced people is: Anbar 18% (573 450 individuals) and Baghdad, 18% (568 140) and Dahuk 13% (418 152) and the province of Kirkuk, 12% (381 036), Erbil, 10% (331 068) and the connector 6% ( 205.344) and the province of Sulaymaniyah 5% (162 468). "

He pointed out, that "by the regional perspective, hosts northern Iraq, the center of 67% of the number of displaced people (2,130,246 individuals), also hosts Kurdistan region of Iraq 29% (911 688 individuals) of the number of displaced people, and the south of Iraq is hosting the 4% of the number of displaced people (139.242 individuals). "

He added, "The rate (33% or 1,058,682 individuals) are the majority of the displaced people who are descended from Anbar province and by (43% or 1,381,494 individuals) of the province of Mosul, still displacement continues," noting that "the committee follow the emergency the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has identified that there is an increase in the proportion of individuals displaced approximately (10.848) in the province of Mosul in the period between 12 to 18 of this month. "

The report went on, "in the history of the fifth of October 2015, it was announced that there are approximately 440 364 displaced people have returned home, where I saw Salah al-Din governorate registered the highest number of returnees approximately (242 196 individuals) and in Diyala province (91 752 individuals) and the province of connector (11 820)" , noting that "the northern areas in each of the Afar region and Tilkaif primarily for the return movement within the province of Mosul as a result of the improved security situation in the region."

For his part, President of the International Organization for Migration mission in Iraq Luther Thomas Weiss, "The return of displaced Iraqis are encouraging, but a lot of these returnees found their homes damaged and no services in their areas."

He pointed out, that "these people require a comprehensive and detailed response, and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in collaboration with the Humanitarian Country Team of the United Nations and its humanitarian partners and government authorities, donors, we have, for the provision of the urgent needs of the returnees and the displaced new host communities through the ongoing Iraq crisis."

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