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Qatar, the biggest incubator for Army Daash mail

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Qatar, the biggest incubator for Army Daash mail


BAGHDAD / Obelisk: Twitter accounts analysis showed that Qatar is the largest incubator of accounts in favor of tweet 'Daash' in the Arab and Muslim world, while Belgium is the first European.

After the attacks of Paris last Friday, the World Wide Web activists intensify along with many of the top hackers campaigns against al Daash and his supporters in the world via their accounts revealed on Twitter. And the outcome of the first days of the campaign was to detect more than 5,500 account for the benefit of Daash and his supporters.

Twitter rich treasure of information

It seems that Western intelligence agencies, according to a report Dotj German elephants, do not pay great importance to the information provided by the means of social communication, which, however, security experts were surprised dramatically when he analysis of available information on the Twitter accounts that Belgium, for example, are a major incubator between Western countries to supporters Daash.

While Qatar represents the largest incubator for Twitter accounts to groups of supporters or supporters of al Daash in the Arab and Muslim world, also reported that the newspaper Die Welt published.''

And true Western countries of oil addiction and'mjamlh 'Gulf states, which bought Scott Western countries, in armament and oil deals, to declare Western officials bluntly that the Salafi Takfiri Islamic militancy, is the enemy, in a clear reference to Saudi Wahhabism, and capitals that support terrorism, most notably the Doha and Riyadh.

It was announced by French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, last Wednesday, that the Islamic Salafi militancy 'enemy' of France, stressing the need to use this description.

It showed Twitter accounts in Belgium in Arabic and clear sympathy with al Daash, and thus stands western neighbor Belgium to Germany, behind Qatar and Pakistan ranked third in the list of States which is an incubator for Twitter accounts in favor of the organization 'Daash' terrorist.

In Qatar, Twitter accounts analysis in Arabic showed that every second tweet was carrying a story supportive and supporter of the organization Daash, any sense that 50% of Tweets Qatar sings to Daash, and Bzk stands Qatar at the top of the list of countries incubator Twitter accounts pro-Daash. In Pakistan, tweets pro Daash ratio is up to 35% for occupies second place at the summit, while Belgium stands in third place. Followed by Indonesia, Britain and Libya in fifth and sixth places, followed by Turkey, Egypt and the United States respectively.

France has been hit by fierce days ago accounted for pro accounts for Daash where about 21% of the total tweets and occupies tenth place, followed by Saudi Arabia (20%) occupies atheist tenth place, then Germany come by 16% to lie in fourteenth place. As for Syria, a country torn by civil war for more than four years, occupies the eighteenth place with 8%.

And supports Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE, of al-Qaeda and the victory and Daash terrorist groups, all organizations adopt the Wahhabi Salafi funded by Saudi Arabia.

He acknowledged the Saudi foreign minister, Adel Jubair in Vienna during a meeting on Syria, that his country will continue to support the armed opposition, which includes terrorist groups, even overthrow Bashar al-Assad.

He knew from the Saudi Wahhabi establishment and charities Gulf, financing extremist groups, in the countries of the world with the French president said in his speech to Parliament that France was in a 'state of war' with Daash.
Interestingly Such a statistic is that the newspaper 'The Guardian' The British have published earlier this year ongoing. It seems that this information has not raised the attention of the security services and experts in their investigations that focus and follow-up in Europe to Belgium. In this context, says the American strategic expert at the Brookings Institute, Jonathan Morgan, 'The organization Daash uses social media, particularly Twitter accounts, to recruit young people and inciting and planning terrorist attacks', as stated in the newspaper Die Welt German.

The report also shows clearly that Britain make up between Western countries 'Castle' pro-Daash with regard to publishing news of organizing militant propaganda. It occupies fifth place after Indonesia, in the sense that every fourth tweet Tji to calculate Daash. The same situation is repeated in the United States and France, all fifth-tweet in the two countries bear positive signs in favor of Daash.

In the study prepared by the US expert Morgan, which included more than 46 thousand Tweets on supporters 'Daash' accounts, analysis of the figures users. Although Qatar, Pakistan, Belgium's largest incubators of Twitter accounts in favor of Daash, however, that countries such as Saudi Arabia, Syria and Iraq is home Daash accounts on Twitter.

And you can learn more through the analysis of important information accounts. According to these analyzes, the 69% of the tweets sent via smart phones with the Android operating system. As it used 30% of Amordan for 'Daash' iPhone phones.

On the other hand, an expert Morgan stresses the need to loan the means of social communication is particularly important. On average each Daasha have a special account by the Twitter account and each Followers numbering on average to 100 people, each Daasha supporters promote his news.

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