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Muslims celebrate the former soldier in the Marines after embarrass US presidential candidate Trump

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Muslims celebrate the former soldier in the Marines after embarrass US presidential candidate Trump


BAGHDAD / Sky Press ...

Former soldier raised the American marines debate on social networks, after he challenged the Republican candidate for the US presidential elections, Donald Trump, who supported the idea of ​​work especially Muslims in America recently identities, according to the newspaper "independent" British.
The Republican candidate expressed support for the idea of ​​establishing a mandatory database to keep track of all American Muslims in the US
Ok Rashid, a former soldier with a weapon the US Marines, and who is proud of Bisalamh, posted on Toaterptaqh military identity when he was in the Marines, and challenged former soldier Trump said, "I already carry a special identity, identity Where are you?".

Muslims celebrate the former soldier in the Marines after embarrass US presidential candidate Trump

Rashid and served in the US Army from 1997 to 2002, and was suspended Ngridth publicity after he shared more than 5,600 times.

The Rosetta occur after July Chatunga attacks, in which four soldiers from the Marines was killed by a young Jordanian Kuwaiti-born, and he said that Muslims in the United States stand with the victims and their families.

It was Donald Trump said to the reporter the US channel NBC "Muslims will be recorded in all the places are mandatory, of course I will apply it," and added, "The issue centered on the administration."
Last remarks came against the backdrop of the terrorist attacks on the capital Paris, which aroused horror in the hearts of the American people, prompting some politicians to demand the development of new restrictions on Syrian refugees, according to "Business Insider" site.
While Obama criticized the idea of ​​calling his political opponents to allow the entry of Syrian refugees Christians only, the Republican candidate went so far as to ask for new restrictions on civil liberties and increasing government espionage activities, especially in mosques.

Trump said earlier this week that America does not have a choice but to close certain mosques, saying "bad events occur, and rapidly evolving."

Trump said earlier that the idea of ​​looking warrantless searches, which prompted the Council on American-Islamic Relations to issue a statement to condemn Trump's remarks, describing them Islamophobia is constitutional and, next to it is targeting Americans and Muslim refugees Syrians.

The Trump had said in October / October last, he would Syrian refugees to their home country if he was elected president of the United States in the elections to be held by the end of 2016.

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