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Iraqi Council for Peace and Solidarity held the fourth conference

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Iraqi Council for Peace and Solidarity held the fourth conference


Iraqi Council for Peace and Solidarity held the fourth conference, the morning of Friday, 11/20/2015 Baghdad in the presence of more than two hundred of its members and its members, and several political figures, MPs and leaders of civil society organizations, trade unions, associations and professional organizations.
Its conference began with the national anthem of the Iraqi minute and stand in mourning for the souls of the martyrs of Iraq, then opened the conference by Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim, secretary of the Council with a report on the preparations that have taken place in preparation for the conference, then the President of the Council Fakhri Karim additional word which he addressed the difficult situations and complex circumstances that surround the country , stressing the importance of reforms and the need to deepen and the participation of the popular masses in activated. Turning the word to the negative residues inherited government Abadi, and of the occupation of Daash to one-third of the area of ​​Iraq as well as the seizing of advanced weapons, which was held by the Iraqi army and hundreds of millions of dollars, as well as the treasury empty and the corruption of financial and administrative Thumper in the depths of the state.
Then read a message greeting sent by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, in which Park of the conference, stressed the "determination to proceed with the promotion of peace in Iraq and determined to walk approach reforms in a difficult situation is indifferent as laid down enemies," and refer to the bouquet roses to also send it, and met Dr. Abadi initiative satisfaction and appreciation of the two conferences.
Then he gave Sayyed Rahim Abu loaf intervention in which he discussed the issues of democracy.
The Conference received letters and telegrams from international and national organizations, including the World Peace Council and the Organization of African solidarity of the Asian Federation of Trade Unions and the National Union for Iraqi journalists.
In the second part of the conference's presidency of the Conference has offered financial and regulatory reporting and internal and external relations and opened up the debate to the interventions of members of Congress, where many of the observations and additions to the Presidency reports were then voted on successively raised.
In conclusion it was trading about to vote on the continuation of President of the Council for a new cycle, during which the candidate announced at the wish by exempting it from continuing to pressing preoccupations and the desire to break the traditional contexts in which Tekl renewal and development.
Then the Conference elected the Presidency of the Council in the new composition.
In the wake of the end of the conference the Presidency held its first meeting been elected Vice-President of the Council and the Secretariat.

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