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The upper threshold: 6 sites to accommodate more than 50 000 visitors and 100 others feed during Arbain

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The upper threshold: 6 sites to accommodate more than 50 000 visitors and 100 others feed during Arbain


{Najaf: Euphrates News} created the upper threshold of the Holy more than 6 sites to accommodate more than 50 000 visitors and feed more than 100 others during the visit, reviving Arbain ceremony to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him.
He quoted Secretary-General of the upper threshold of the Holy Mr. Nizar Hashim rope strong say in a meeting room of the Holy threshold processes for the implementation of the program to provide services valued for visitors coming to Najaf before heading to the holy city of Karbala that "concerted efforts and available resources to the various holy threshold sections and its members and volunteers to provide all Services valued for visitors coming to perform the ceremony Visit the forty from zero.
"On the nature of the meeting and a program to provide services for visitors, Mr. Nizar Hashim rope said that" the upper threshold of the Holy formed an operations room of employees Sections officials with the distinguished and its Board of Directors for the creation of all the facilities to serve visitors to the Ahl al-Bayt {p}
"." The "planning to carry visitors service program operations began preparing for it two months ago, and we communicate in preparations since then to this day for 24 hours straight."
He continued, "The services offered by the sacred threshold includes two axes two grounds, first It is to cooperate with the Hawza supreme religious authority in Najaf, and to all the cadres of the Hawza in inside and outside Iraq to spread on the road to visitors starting from Basra, and even the far north of Iraq, and all take its role in reporting and awareness and the statement of the legitimate issues and all Ka-needed visitor in this side of the issues moral, intellectual and establish prayer and solace Husseini during the visit ".
The" second axis do and diligence to provide the maximum possible in the provision of services to the visitor and here was the threshold plan this year to focus efforts on the city of the faithful and around, starting from the city center {Mjsrat revolted} to Holi road area.
"" We are in this year have surrounded the city Khaddmaa, in the form of boxes in all the northern, eastern, southern and western trends through the creation of six sites to house and service, nearly more than 50 thousand and processing 100 thousand a daily food offering to visitors in this places, in addition to all that is needed to safe drinking water and sanitation services.
"He explained," for example, towards the city center has been creating almost site for Astaaab and accommodate 15 thousand, subsidized health services and drinking food and water for meals three, and there is another site is b {garage multi-story} , was the completion of the rehabilitation to accommodate more than 5 thousands to spend the night with catering and female health and safe drinking water, as well as in Holi Road area which is one of the important roads used by visitors we format the site to accommodate the more than 10 thousand visitors Kmbet for women and men with health services and feeding, as we have creating another site at the entrance that leads the old city of the Haram al-Sharif in the south {Garage Association}, we have formatted to accommodate more than five thousand as a place with a feeding and health services.
"Mr. He noted the strong rope that all shelters and service backed by medical and health where detachments medical and health cadres and specialized centers long-term contacts to guide visitors through these drifters ".anthy

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