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The government plans to cancel 50 thousand volunteers new salary because of austerity

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The government plans to cancel 50 thousand volunteers new salary because of austerity


Baghdad / term

Resist the Iraqi armed factions - seen as a necessary role in the fight Daash- moves to cut their budget, which highlights the challenge of the government to impose its authority on one of the most influential forces anything wrong and in the country, according to the Reuters reported.
In the face of declining revenues due to low oil prices, Iraq plans, a member of the country Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), to conduct a wide-ranging budget cuts next year and is expected to be government spending is dropping by about 10%.
Complain popular crowd forces of the government in Baghdad plans to exclude tens Thousands of its members rather than accept their request funding of 156 thousand fighters next year.
He denied Saad al-Sabri, a spokesman for Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, any intention to cut jobs for the fighters of the popular crowd.
A newborn that about a hundred thousand only registered in 2015 and that the government would continue funding at a cost of about billion dollars, but it will eliminate 50 thousand salary dedicated to the fighters were expected to register but it did not happen. Government spokesman confirmed that financing will be available if the number of registered increased next year, but the popular crowd wants government funding secured now.
The carpet horses, Iraqi analyst who advises the government "prefers the popular crowd to get a lump sum for distribution to the fighters as he considers appropriate to control the budget own as is the case for the defense and interior ministries. But the government does not want to agree to that.
"said Ahmed al-Saadi, a spokesman for the popular crowd forces that $ 550 million of additional requested to provide weapons, ammunition and other supplies.
He said horses he under pressure next year spending hopes Abadi prevent the transformation of the popular crowd Foundation official government could push its leaders, for example, positions through unpredictable elections in 2017 and 2018.
But the prime minister must also avoid viewing it as an obstacle in their way, which may bring him criticism and drives them to resort to the financiers is Gumien.oisdadt Iraqi factions armed, to which it supplied Iran with arms and training, influence and popularity since pushed the front ranks in June 2014 after the announcement of the organization of Daash the "Caliphate State" in areas of northern and western stretches to the Syrian border.
denies the popular crowd forces to obtain funding from non-Iraqi government, but some factions offering thousands of fighters popular crowd engaged in a separate window in other activities and is believed to retain resources, alternative funding.
The leaders of the armed groups and their political allies a greater potential challenges to Ebadi, who is fighting an effort to strengthen his grip since he came to power in September 2014, despite support from the United States and Iran he Soa.obinma popular crowd forces denies that it has any political aspirations of the many armed factions, political wings and enjoys broad popular support after a series of victories over the Daash at a time when the army collapsed almost twice in front of the Sunni organization hardline fighters.
He said al-Saadi, a spokesman People crowd, that armed factions are looking to be part of the security establishment, although this does not necessarily mean the merger in the list of institutions such as the army and police.
in turn, says horses "They realize that the time has come to get the respect they deserve by politicians and formalize their relationships with Country". Adding that this requires identifying the sources of their funding and put it in a formal setting and care elements and Massabhe.
In December last Within the framework of attempts to combat corruption, the prime minister revealed the existence of 50 thousand "phantom soldier", who are members of the army did not have a presence, but they are listed on the payroll . This practice led to the enrichment of some leaders and weakened the army's power and precipitated its collapse in front of terrorism.
Some have wondered if the competition for funding within the groups, the Popular problem for the crowd may have caused inflate their numbers. The horses there is certainly concern in the government that no matter how the money is paid, it is not completely accurate.
And al-Saadi said that is not the case. "This talk is not logical as well as it is based on false accusations. If we calculate Jbhattna What is needed from the preparation we need at least Add fifty percent of the current number even pulls the fronts that we catch them."
He said that since February the popular crowd forces pushed salaries to 130 thousand fighters, including 20 thousand for the injured and those dead.
Addressing Hadi al-Amiri, a senior commander of the Badr Organisation, a political movement that contributed to its armed wing, thousands of fighters in the popular crowd Parliament a few days ago, to illustrate the importance of increasing appropriations for the fighters.
He said al-Amiri, who rushed year for front fronts the past to stop the advance of Daash towards Baghdad, although he then was minister of transport, said that the crowd People unable to liberate Iraq but this will require the provision of the required men, capacity and equipment.
It is feared Supporters critics Abadi may take advantage of the popular crowd budget to score political points in the case, which attracted broad support among Members of Parliament and the pan-Iraqi.
He said Rubaie, a senior parliamentarian from the ruling coalition led by al-Maliki and a former adviser to national security, "there is already a hostile feeling to the prime minister in parliament because of the reform plan."
Rubaie said, "people do not want to lose the economic gains or political influence. This will be another obstacle in front of him because of the fame the popular crowd. "

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