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Call demanding inclusion of Representatives and the ministers to "determine the States," and repeated the appeal looms

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Call demanding inclusion of Representatives and the ministers to "determine the States," and repeated the appeal looms

BAGHDAD / Mohammad Sabah

After the House vote on the law "to determine the state of presidencies" in principle, but that the law is still the subject of debate and a clear division between the political blocs.
Dawa Party hand and leads opponents of the law that re-Presidency of the Republic sent to parliament after he faced a judicial appeal, in the previous session, on the pretext that his response was "a proposed law" by Parliament in violation of the Constitution, according to the then Federal Court's interpretation.
After that the law put forward for the first reading, the differences of political and intersections prevent the completion of the second reading.
The Liberal bloc and the citizen, and the parties to Sunni and Kurdish, the draft law had been submitted to block the renewal of the owners for a third term.
The Presidency of Parliament postponed, beginning in October of this, reading The second law controversial at the request of a number of parliamentary blocs for the purpose of discussion. And he called on the President of the Council, Salim al to convene an urgent meeting on it.
Legal Committee and Parliamentary confirm that discussions of parliamentary parties going on has not been resolved after the enactment of the law.
He says MP Salim Shawki, a member of the legal committee of parliamentary, that "the mandate of the three presidencies law reached its final stages," adding, "But the objections and reservations call the approval party hampered passed in the House of Representatives."
explains Shawki, in an interview for the (long), intercept the Dawa Party, the legislation determine the law that regulates the mandate of the three presidencies, saying that "the Dawa Party sees in passing a clear violation of the constitution law on the grounds that the Constitution did not address the mandate of the Prime Minister, also finds that the law was drafted to prevent Nuri al-Maliki to return to the premiership again.
"The attention of the Attorney for the mass citizen that" there is a trend adopted by most of the political blocs in the House of Representatives opposed orientations of the Dawa Party on legislation law to identify the three states, and sees this trend that Scott Constitution for not determine the mandate of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers does not mean that identified is a constitutional violation.
"He said a member of the Legal Committee that" by not addressing to determine the mandate of the Prime Minister in the Constitution left it up to the legislator which can be identified or not ", adding that" the parliamentary political blocs considers necessary to determine the mandate of the Prime Minister and two terms in a row like the Presidents of the Republic and the parliament.
"The Iraqi constitution mandates in (article 72 / I) that" define the mandate of President four years, It may only be re-elected for a second term. " And left the door Constitution open to the renewal of a key legislative and executive powers, which the new law seeks to select it.
He MP Salim Chawki that "the application of the law would be retroactive and implemented from the office of the presidency of the Council of Ministers consecutive two sessions or non Mtaatalitn," but he pointed out that "The law is subject to discussion between the political blocs at the request of the Dawa Party, but there is the insistence by the other political blocs on the legislation."
turn was considered a coalition of state law legislation law "is unconstitutional," stressing that "the lowest of the Constitution, the law and therefore can not be enacted in the House of Representatives .
"says MP Abbas al-Bayati, told the (range), that" the claimants to restrict the mandate of the Prime Minister and two sessions to claim Select a member of parliament two sessions and the minister two sessions; to allow the arrival of new blood to the parliament.
"In the opinion al-Bayati said" the mandate of the three presidencies law is unconstitutional based on legal considerations, a reaction in the last session to prevent certain people from access to the prime minister for a third time, "adding that" the place of attraction and the differences between the political blocs did not resolve ordered law.
"threatens member of a coalition of state law" to appeal to the Federal Court in case law legislation ", stressing said" may not be the lowest restrict the top, because the Constitution, the highest law minimum.
"In the same context, speaking MP Kazem al-Shammari, a member of the Legal Committee, for" the existence of a large and deep differences between the political blocs on the Law of the mandate of the three presidencies " . Recalling that "the law came to Parliament in the previous session after the political problems spin on the prime minister."
He said al-Shammari, told the (range), "The objections and reservations have not yet between the political blocs resolved", adding that "discussions are still going on between the various parties in the hope of resolve in order to submit it for the second reading and then voted on in the House of Representatives in the coming sessions. "

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