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Minister Mrhq failed to restore his parliamentary seat is seeking to change the political map of Salahuddin

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Minister Mrhq failed to restore his parliamentary seat is seeking to change the political map of Salahuddin

BAGHDAD / Wael grace

Preparing opposition bloc in Salah al-Din to the re-nomination of the Minister of an article in the government-Abadi for the office of governor and elected member of Samarra for the presidency of the provincial council after he managed last week of the dismissal of the governor Raed al-Jubouri and President of the Council, Ahmed Karim and his deputy Mekhlef al-Dulaimi, in a dramatic session was held in Baghdad's biggest hotels.

And accuses the government of Salah al-Din minister exiled trying to return to the province, after he failed to recover his seat in parliament occupied by substitute MP Mishan al-Jubouri, which in turn supports the local government the article in the "hotel" .uwaytan governor of Salahaddin province and head of its board the legitimacy of the proceedings, "the Baghdad meeting" session, saying he violates the rules of procedure, because he was outside the province geographical.
While the opposition bloc justify recourse to hold a meeting in Baghdad to "fear for its members" after receiving threats.
Threat Council Salahuddin
and enable 17 members of the Council of Salahuddin province, last week, most of the mass of the coalition of the Iraqi masses, headed by the minister Almrhq Ahmed al-Jubouri, in addition to the five Shiite members of the overthrow of the government and the Council of Salahuddin province, during a meeting held at the Rashid Hotel in central Baghdad.
He says Aday Alznon, a member of the opposition bloc in Salah al-Din during the conversation with (range), that "the meeting in rational resulted hotel for the dismissal of the governor Raed al-Jubouri, for failing to perform his work and withdraw his hand from the signing of the official transactions and the delegation of powers to the first deputy Ismail Hlob until the appointment of a new governor." .
He Alznon "Oqlna also President of the Council, Ahmed Karim because of negligence in the performance of his duty and the existence of suspicions of corruption, as Oqlna deputy Mekhlef al-Dulaimi, the presence under criminal against him."
The al-Dulaimi, was arrested, in late February 2014, with different stories about the reason for the arrest of accused to Article 4 terrorism The similarity of names or his inclusion in the de-Baathification measures before they release him in the middle of 2015.
But the political Tikriti Dulaimi out a special pardon from the President of the Republic for the rest of his sentence was waived in his criminal limitation.
was chosen as head of the provincial council, Ahmed Karim and his deputy, in a deal basketball one during the formation of the government Local 2013, during which he was elected Ahmed al-Jubouri, the minister Almrhq, governor of Salahuddin. And gave al-Jubouri for the post of the province after it won a parliamentary seat in 2014 to replace a substitute for the health of the province director Raed al-Jubouri.
On the other hand attribute Alznon, who attended the Al-Rasheed Hotel meeting, the provincial council to hold a hearing outside Tikrit to "some members subjected to death like a member of the Council threats Manar of severely that her home at dawn, "noting that" some members have charges of malicious and fear arrest. "
Jubouri nomination
confirms Alznon that "Ahmed al-Jubouri, is the most prominent candidate for governor, as will be the nomination of the provincial council member from Samarra, Khaled al-Darraji for the office of presidency of the Council."
Succeeded al-Jubouri, who heads the largest bloc in the provincial elections, the formation of a coalition of 19 members out of 29 of the Declaration of local government. The electoral list won 7 seats in the provincial council.
He served al-Jubouri, the post of Minister of State for Parliament and the provinces before limbering includes procedures last August. He served Mishan Jubouri Minister al-Jubouri seat.
He said close to the minister in his page on Facebook that the former minister Ahmed al-Jubouri, decided to run as governor of Salah al-Din in response to the request of the Council and the people of the province.
Confirmed the page, quoting al-Jubouri as "not linked to any not Saudi and Qatari foreign agendas as peddled by some media personalities and inciting the enemies of success.
"He stressed Jubouri, according to Page, his readiness to take over the post of governor of Salahuddin province, vowing to dissolve the" tribal conflicts and a few differences between the popular crowd and clans. "
Find "seat"
in turn says Mekhlef al-Dulaimi, deputy head of the provincial council, he said that "al-Jubouri sought from the moment of his dismissal in August until last week to return in various ways to the post of governor after failing to get past his seat in the House of Representatives."
On the accusations directed him, Dulaimi explains, in connection with the (range), that the "charge was arrested on the basis of which for a year and four months, he was released on a special pardon from the President of the Republic in June 2015, it was due to the inclusion in the accountability and justice procedures, and released an official letter from the President of the Republic until the resolution of his case, which is still in the competent courts ", stressing that" Amnesty said dropping the charge him.
"He said the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Salahuddin province, said" The meeting, which took place in the Al-Rasheed Hotel, admitted his dismissal and not relieved because of that charge, "pointing out that "The session is illegal because it violates the rules of procedure of the provincial council, which stipulates the need to hold meetings within the limits of the province." And allows the rules of procedure to hold sessions outside the scope of the province after the approval of the head of the provincial council, which determines where and when the new session session preceded.
He continues, al-Dulaimi, "the audience did not abide in Baghdad conditions session, also has not been questioning the head of the provincial council, as they claimed in the decision of impeachment as well as the lack of the presence of President of the Council or his deputy at the meeting which is contrary to the law.
"The Council of Salahuddin province, since it was formed in 2013 around 11 session, 6 of which are in Tikrit after its liberation from Daash in April. Emphasizes local official said "Tikrit is stable and 90% of the population have returned to their homes and there is nothing to prevent from attending members to the city for the meeting," pointing out that "Daash away from the city's more than 100 km."
It is noteworthy Dulaimi said "in September 2014, Before the liberation of Tikrit, council members attended, citing across the planes of Baghdad and some of them came in the tank to Samarra to give legitimacy session which saw the election Raed al-Jubouri for the post of governor instead of Ahmed al-Jubouri.
"He cites al-Dulaimi also" session to choose a new governor of Nineveh, successor to the Liberation of Iraq, when holding council maintaining its in Alqosh inside Nineveh limits to give legitimacy session despite the fact that the Government of Nineveh have an alternative site in the province of Dohuk.
"notes Vice Chairman Salahuddin province, that" most of those present at the Baghdad session did not organize themselves in the previous formal meetings of the provincial council and was to attend Some of them formally. " He noted that the "spacing hearings because of the security situation and the occupation of Daash to the city of Tikrit prevented the sacking of absentees."
Imposes the rules of procedure of the Board dismiss Lists absent for four consecutive sessions.
And moving government Salahuddin "article" to make its objection before the courts to correct the situation. Dulaimi asserts that "the government filed an appeal procedures Rashid Hotel to the Administrative Court for breach of the law."

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