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"Obelisk" published draft families of martyrs and political prisoners and detainees Act (documents)

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"Obelisk" published draft families of martyrs and political prisoners and detainees Act (documents)


BAGHDAD / Obelisk: publish 'obelisk' draft law would care for the families of martyrs and political prisoners and detainees accomplished by one of the sub-committees of the National Assembly. He is scheduled to lift them to the Assembly during the next two days to discuss it and make amendments to them for approval.

The Committee consists of martyrs and political prisoners completed the draft law, which it calls' Martyr Foundation Law "and the draft rules of procedure for the institution of 11 members.

It is worth mentioning that the paragraph concerning the rate of all-out Iraqi barrels of oil source for the benefit of affected groups is still under study and oscillating around the views of the members. If the intention is to keep the ratio mentioned in the draft (25 cents of every barrel) or increase to 35 cents.

Martyr Foundation Draft Law


Over our patient struggling in the last decades of the plight did not pass by people in contemporary history, where plagued by oppressive dictatorial regime brutal rule with iron and fire, decimating crops and cattle confiscated freedoms and fought with thought and his family faced both disagreed with imprisonment and killing and intimidation, intimidation and the worst kinds of crimes of genocide and bloody massacres and spread his sinful to impair the Sons of Iraq from north to south and from east to west was a product of those lean millions of martyrs and prisoners of conscience, thought and belief of those who gave their lives and what they most have to face this reckless regime reckless even the truth of God and several completed his term demise of the tyrant of the age and the emergence of a new era of the past freedom and democracy.

As the victims of this black period in the history of our people of the martyrs and political prisoners and their families make up a large segment of Iraqi society, we did not receive any attention or care or compensation or honor we did not find any official institution concerned with their affairs and defend their rights and guarantee them a decent life worthy of their status Semitism and sacrifices generous they have given to the people and the nation, we have found that it is our duty to do the honor this sacred mission, and God Crown success.

Chapter One
Article One:

Established a public institution on behalf of the Martyr Foundation and the affairs of the families of martyrs and political prisoners and detainees.
Article II:

Intended martyr: Each lost his life as a result of his opposition to the opinion of the dictatorial regime, political or ideological affiliation includes:

A. martyrs of armed confrontations in all parts of Iraq.
(B) the martyrs of executions and assassinations.
C- Martyrs genocide campaigns.
D prisoner who died from the impact of torture or died in prison or died after his release as a result of damage as a result of torture or injected lethal substances.
C - Political lost, who lost hope in staying alive.
It is intended political prisoner: All of the system opposed the opinion or creed or political affiliation and sentenced because of it according to legal materials (156-226) in addition to the materials (229-247) and articles militaries (131 - ** *).
It is intended political detainee: both detained for periods not judged according to previous articles (and resulted in his arrest and prosecution of persecution).

Foundation: Martyr Foundation.
President: President of the Foundation.

Council: Board of Directors.
Article III:
be personal moral of the institution and the independence of administrative, financial and related to the premiership.
Article IV:
the Foundation Center in the city of Baghdad and have the right to open branches in the provinces or territories by decision of the Board of Directors.

Article V:
distracted salary of the martyr is the heir to him for the purposes of this law are:
1. the wife or wives.
2. children until the eighteenth birthday if they are not continuing to study or twenty-fifth if they are continuing them.
3. girls until marriage or appointment.
4. disabled children, are excluded from the requirement age and study.
5. The parents of the martyr.
6. sisters until marriage or appointment.
Article VI:
distracted paycheck to political prisoner who was sentenced in accordance with the articles mentioned above, and to the detainee who has spent time and arrange for him to remain in prison psychological and physical damage, such as if he could not return to his job, and calculating the prison service period for the purposes of the premium, promotion and retirement.
Article VII:
(a) in the case of the death of one of the heirs, the share of the pension distribution to the rest of the heirs.
(b) in the case of cut pension for one of the heirs of the reasons that permit the pieces are distributed salary that the heir to the rest of the heirs who receive pension according to their shares.
Chapter Two
goals of the institution
Article One:
The Foundation aims to achieve the best services to the heirs of the martyrs and the political prisoners and detainees as follows:
1. The allocation of pension to the heirs of the martyr in accordance with the controls T-determined by the Foundation Council.
2. The allocation of pension political prisoner in accordance with the regulations determined by the Foundation Council.
3. The provision of health and social care by establishing health centers or their own to offer its services to them for free hospitals.
4. employment and give them priority in formations administrative and economic institution or in circles or in the case of official institutions provide the necessary qualifications to carry out these acts.
- vocationally rehabilitated by opening training courses in various disciplines in order to qualify them to practice appropriate to make a living profession.

6. obtain scholarships seats for them in various stages of study inside and outside Iraq.
7. secure adequate housing for them or distribution of spare residential land to them.
8. cultural and informational programs and festivals preparation for the glorification of martyrs and political prisoners, including by:
(a) the revival and preservation and promotion of culture certificate in the community.
(b) the commemoration of the martyr and his name and save the effects of the martyrs.
C- Taazm and honor the sacrifices by the prisoners and to maximize what they have endured patience and suffering.
d follow-up streets and shops and buildings, community centers and public places the names of the martyrs of the blessed and the establishment of the monument to them a label.

(C) the collection of the products of the martyrs and Ossaaahm and photographs and save them whether cultural or literary or artistic and all that belongs to them.
(H) To encourage and cajole cultural and artistic circles and writers on the codification of the martyrs, prisoners and their CVs characteristics and male virtues as the best example for the Iraqi people in altruism and sacrifice.
G. assistance legal rights and to recover funds (movable and immovable) confiscation of the families of the martyrs and prisoners who dropped their nationality Iraqi political and sectarian and ethnic arbitrary decision by the former regime and his gang reasons.

(D) to facilitate the marriage projects for the sons and daughters of martyrs and prisoners.
Z- allocation of an appropriate number of seats for them in the heading to perform the Hajj and Umrah campaigns.
T- quest to get the families of martyrs and political prisoners on the economic self-sufficiency and provide social security to them.

Chapter III


Article I: As found in the Appendix.

Chapter IV

Financial resources of the institution
Article I: financial institution composed of the following sources:
1. The percentage of Iraqi oil revenues and we propose to be from 25 cents per barrel.
2-2% of the profits of state companies.
3-2% of the profits of public companies.
4- 2 % of the profits of foreign companies operating in Iraq.
5. contributions by local, Arab, Islamic and international institutions.
6. revenue activities and projects of the Foundation.
7-2% of imports of religious tourism.
8. All movable and immovable property seized from the former regime and his gang .
9-3% of the frozen Iraqi funds and stolen.
Rules of Procedure for the institution of the martyrs and political prisoners

The first Door

Board of Directors and the presidency

Article I:
runs the Foundation Board of Directors consists of:
1. Chairman of the Foundation -riasa
2. vice president - and is headed by a member of the Council meeting during the absence of the President
3. General Manager of Finance and Administration in the organization member
4. Director General of Health and Social Affairs in the organization
member-5 - Director General of Economic Affairs and investments in institution-member
6. Director General of cultural and media affairs in the institution-member
7. The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance-member
8. Undersecretary of the Ministry of Planning-member
9. The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs-member
10. A number of experts and advisers -appointed Council member

Article II:

The Board shall have the following tasks:

1. The application of the provisions of law and develop action plans to achieve the goals of the institution.
2. Adoption of the institution's budget and approval of the final accounts.
3. Carry out the necessary adjustments and transfers in the budget.
4. Choose the incompetent from the families of the martyrs and prisoners exclusively to the administration of people, but in the absence of specialization required.

5. proposal provisions as it deems necessary for staff working in the organization or its associates and propose experts who need them the Foundation for the use of their services wages.
6. conduct or contracts signed.

7. approve the establishment of economic and other projects that serve the institution and the referral of bids or tenders custody of the dock it, all within the scope of what is being observed in the budget for such projects.
8. create an annual report submitted to the President includes the organization accomplished its work plan during the year and It intends to accomplish during the next year and proposals which it deems necessary to achieve its goals.
9. upgrade and upgrade and staff turnover addresses, transfer, dismissal and punishment and the acceptance of their resignations according to the laws in force.

10. ratify the instruction proposed by the head of the institution in order to issuance.
11. be buying and selling in a way public auction and the board of directors controls to be sold without bidding or purchased without a tender within a certain amount determined.
12. approved the payment of amounts payable .
13. borrow from the banks and government institutions to implement economic enterprise projects.
14. peace with who gets between them and the enterprise financial disputes if there are good reasons for reconciliation.
Article III:
1. The Council decisions come into force after ratification by an absolute majority.
2. The Board of Directors Authorize the appropriate powers to the President of the Foundation.

Article IV:

President of the Foundation shall be appointed by the Board of Directors and have the rank of minister and performs the following tasks:
1. preside over the meetings of the Board of Directors.
2. Enterprise Business Administration in accordance with the decisions and instructions of the Board of Directors.
3. Implementation of the decisions of the Board.
4. The signing of the books published by the Foundation after informing the Board of Directors on them.
5. representation of the organization in front of government departments and the courts and has a lawyer or more to come before the courts in cases that are held on the institution or held by the institution and a review of government departments.
6. approval of the disbursement of funds in accordance with the authority granted to him by the Board of Directors.
7. version Help needed to walk the things the organization after the approval of the Board of Directors.
8. Submission of proposals that contribute to the development of the institution to the Board of Directors with a view to approval.
9. Any other task Governing Council decides assigned to them.
Article V:
Vice President shall be appointed by the Board of Directors and have the rank of Deputy Minister and undertakes the following:
1. to sign the books and correspondence in accordance with the authorization issued to him by the President.
2. Follow-up work of the Foundation departments.
3. exercise any powers given to him by the President.
4. The powers of the President itself in his absence.

Article VI:

1. exempt enterprise projects profit and all the inputs that you get from taxes and fees.
2. considered the institution's debt excellent deal of government debt transaction in the implementation and collection.
3. exempt the sale and purchase of the Foundation's funds movable and immovable property of all duties and taxes transactions.
4. exempt institution legal fees to be paid when the appeal against the decisions of the courts.
5. exempted suits by the Foundation set up by entry in suits or requests for a third person of legal fees.

6. subject who are appointed in the Foundation for the Law of Civil Service average.

Article Seven:

Council of Ministers on the implementation of this law.

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