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Israeli intelligence reveal a secret agreement between Obama and Putin to resolve the conflict in Syria

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Israeli intelligence reveal a secret agreement between Obama and Putin to resolve the conflict in Syria


BAGHDAD / Sky Press: A report by the Israeli intelligence, on Thursday, US President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin reached a secret deal to find a political solution to the conflict Syria on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Antalya over the weekend, has led to the change and the intensification of Russian air raids during the hours years.

The report published by the Israeli website DEBKAfile said, he was "the first time since the Russian heavy military intervention in the Syrian conflict, the Russian air force planes, attacks on the rebels and terrorist sites Daash from the airbase mother, Morozovsk in the southern Rostov region.

"The Russians are using the strategy of their planes Tu-160, which is the largest fighter aircraft in the world, and Tu-95, a grenade launcher a huge strategy with four engines.

"The entry of these heavy bombers refers to a significant increase in the frequency of attacks firearms and force used by Russia against rebels and fighters of state regulation, and these changes reveal a major escalation in the Syrian war on the Assad regime fighters," explaining that "these changes mean that Putin is determined to liquidation accounts with the organization of the Islamic state after Russian plane dropped over the Sinai, and will coordinate this war with French President Francois Hollande. "

He noted that "Obama agreed secretly to more items Putin's plan to find a political solution to the conflict Syrian, with the exception of the point concerning the future of Bashar al-Assad, and therefore, it was announced the White House and the Kremlin a joint decision on a cease-fire in Syria, followed by negotiations mediated by the United Nations between the rebels and the system Lion".

"The first point in the Russian plan calls for a massive air strikes by the United States and Russia against rebel groups that refuse to participate in these negotiations in order to force them to engage in a line, and as a result of the deal between the two presidents, as claimed by the report, 75 per cent of Russian attacks on Syria, targeted rebel groups around Hama and Aleppo, and only 25% against Daash sites (in its stronghold kindness) and Al-Nusra Front. "

Obama also agreed to expand the Russians in the air campaign to this end for a period of at least three weeks. It was also decided that Russia strengthen its fight involving 25 of the heavy bombers and fighter jets.

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