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Rumaila start the construction of the new power plant and connect them to the network

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Rumaila start the construction of the new power plant and connect them to the network


{Baghdad: Euphrates News} was launched to create a new power plant in the Rumaila oil field is expected that the work of the intervention of active service in 2017.
According to a statement of the South Oil Company and the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it on Thursday, he will be the new station run extracted gas from the hydrocarbon field inventories, and will connect the station the national electricity grid production, it is estimated that the equivalent of the plant's production of energy is consumed by about 23,000 thousand homes of electric power.
"The station is part of the contribution process in establishing a balance between the need Rumaila field of energy, and produced by relying on self-field resources."
And that "the planning process and find the best solutions and the most suitable one took two years of time, and culminated in the approval of the Presidency of the Council Iraqi minister in August of 2014, the contract for the establishment of the station, where he was then complete the work of the preliminary designs for the project, and at the same time there was a search process for obtaining plant parts, including contracting for the manufacture of five gas turbines by General Electric Company in one of its plants in Italy then started to work creating the foundations in construction in day 22 of the month of September site 2015 ".
The statement that" the station will contribute to the support of the board to run the Rumaila to carry out drilling, and production of oil from the field inventories, which continues to field play its role as the largest source of financial returns Iraq, production rates have risen over the past five years in which to reach 1.35 million barrels per day.
"He explained that" Rumaila giant employs more than 7,000 employees, most of them Iraqis working in 30 different facility dispersed on an estimated area of 16,000 square km, as There are about a contractor 22,000 in a series Rumaila processing of large-scale ".
He pointed out that" the plant will generate 235,000 thousand kilowatts per day in the maximum extent of the production capacity during the cold winter months season, and about 150,000 thousand kW is minimal summer season; and due to be affected efficiency gas turbine hot air.
"He added that" the board to run the Rumaila, a partnership was formed in June 2010 between the South Oil Company, BP British, and China National Petroleum Corporation {Petruchyna}, and marketing company of Iraqi petroleum products {Sumo}, run The Rumaila oil field.
"In this regard, the board of director, said running the Rumaila as Mohammed Jalil said:" I've been Rumaila power plant design; in order to be established reliable and world-class, it was a lot of hard work to do to in order to determine the best solutions to meet the Rumaila requirements specified in this area, and in particular those techniques that have been tested and proven in complex institutions around the world, and this is a good example that demonstrates the feasibility of partnership with international oil companies for their ability to bring the required expertise and advanced technology necessary to help rebuild and develop the Rumaila.
"while Deputy Director occur the Authority of BP Marc Hornbroec saying, "We are delighted to start piling station new power, which represents another important milestone in our mission; to make Rumaila modern enterprise, enjoying a sustainable and long-term future."
He added, deputy director of the Authority of China National Petroleum Corporation {Petruchyna } Wang Quihaa it "a wonderful thing that the Rumaila be able to contribute to providing additional support to the region through the electric power generation based on gas, which is produced stations gas isolation in Rumaila."
The Rumaila field is a subsidiary of the South Oil Company oil fields, the largest producing fields oil in Iraq, and in the forefront of producing oil fields in the world as well.
The oil production from the Rumaila field has seen an increase at a rate higher than one-third since 2010 to reach 1.35 million barrels per day to produce a total of 2.2 billion barrels of oil over the past five years, which has achieved financial returns to government Iraqi estimated at more than US $ 200 billion.
This has been achieved this milestone by training Iraqi staff, which constitutes the vast majority of the staff of the Authority, in addition to the introduction of new technology and media to the field, as well as the renewal of facilities and plants of the field. Ended h

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