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Assad: Daash bases in Iraq since 2006 under the supervision of US

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Assad: Daash bases in Iraq since 2006 under the supervision of US


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said that the terrorist organization Daash had "established under the supervision of an American in Iraq."
Assad denied in an interview with Channel [Ray] Italian that his country has no natural incubator to regulate Daash "adding that" the organization founded in Iraq in 2006, and was its leader [Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who was killed by US forces, and therefore it was founded under American supervision in Iraq.
"He added," The Daash leader today, which they call the Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was in US custody and put in prisons in New York and then released, if were not for Syria's relationship thing.
"Al-Assad said that" elements of the organization Daash trained in Syria with the support of Arab and foreign governments such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, as Western policy backed by multiple images since the start of the crisis in Syria.
"The Syrian president said that" some US officials, including former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stressed in her remarks that al-Qaeda was founded by the Americans and with the support of Saudi money Wahhabism ", noting that" many of the other officials in the United States asserted that matter.
"The Lion" Daash not established in Syria but also in Iraq and the work began before that in Afghanistan, based on the statements of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair in which he said that the war in Iraq has contributed to the creation of the organization Daash] ", adding that" the recognition of this constitutes conclusive evidence.
"He also stressed" that you can not set a timetable for the process of transition states elections in Syria as long as some areas of the country under armed opposition control, "noting "If the Syrians decided through dialogue, a presidential election, there is no red line with regard to this matter, but this is not my decision, it should, subject to agreement between the Syrians."
In response to a question regarding the responsibility of Assad's what happened to the Syrian people, he replied that "the only thing that we've done since the beginning of the crisis is to fight terrorism and support dialogue, "adding that" the whole Western game related to regime change, regardless of what is meant by the word system, we do not have a system, but the state.
"He concluded al-Assad said," that he does not see his future as a citizen separate from what is happening in Syria "noting that" If my country was not safe, I can not be safe, if my country was not good can not be a good future, this self-evident ".anthy

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