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Yacoubi is Article 26 of the national law of the card approval of the constitution and human rights

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Yacoubi is Article 26 of the national law of the card approval of the constitution and human rights


(Independent) .. counting the religious authority, Mohammed al-Yacoubi Article (26) of a unified national law card approval of the constitution and human rights and "canceled historic mistake"

Yacoubi said in a statement to his press office since the get parliamentary approval for a unified national card bill on 27/10, and Article (26) of which raises the ire of the brothers of other faiths non-Islamic, as stating that the minor follows his religion of his parents, if safest one inflicted a Muslim objected Brothers to this paragraph, demanding to keep the minor to the religion of one of his parents is a Muslim, and they introduced their demand on the three presidencies and the UN mission boycotted their representatives sessions of Parliament to exert pressure until this paragraph shall be canceled, and threatened to resort to the International Court and human rights organizations have succeeded in collecting the refusal of Prime Republic to ratify the law and return it to parliament on Tuesday (17/11) and the refusal of the United Nations mission to the article in the celebration of International Day for Tolerance Monday (16/11).
"We appreciate the religious and political leaders to the followers of those religions their quest to preserve the identity, culture and doctrine their followers, we draw the attention of everyone that the abolition of this paragraph clear violation of the Constitution, which requires the validity of the laws do not contradict the fundamentals of Islam and the fundamentals of Islam that little follow religion one of his parents if he is a Muslim, when he reaches the age of majority he may choose the religion that convinced them it (no compulsion in religion) as the Koran pronunciation. "

He Yacoubi that "this provision where there is no compulsion for the small and the infringement of the followers of other religions, but the demand brothers microclimate on religion one of his parents the other non-Muslim to keep coercion as well, as that this provision is OK for human rights so they operate civilized nations of the personal affairs the other small, for example, if his father was of a certain nationality and emigrated to another country, where he married and fathered children are granted citizenship of the new country according to his mother that carry such subsequent nationality ".

He expressed the hope that "We hope the followers of other religions and their representatives and political leaders abide by the constitution and taking into account the fact that Iraq is a Muslim country and exceed the number of Muslims in which 95% of the population, and draw their attention to keeping their rights and their identity and their presence is achieved their commitment to the Constitution voted by the majority of Iraqis."

Yacoubi "and called on members of parliament not to commit a historic error to leave for the constants of Islam and not to get caught up in political pressure and mutual interests Viorteuroa cancel this paragraph, after we have made clear that approval of the constitution and human rights."

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