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The agreement between the Peshmerga and the crowd in Tuz items enter into force

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The agreement between the Peshmerga and the crowd in Tuz items enter into force


People crowd the Peshmerga forces and agreed to spend Tuz, to implement the terms of the agreements held as of, on Wednesday, and which include the release of detainees, as was the release of 15 detainees from the Kurds.

The deputy commander of the center of Tuz forces Peshmerga Major General Bakhtiar in a press statement, child "Nur News" today, "The Convention, which was held between the Peshmerga forces and popular crowd were implemented, were released 15 detainees from the Kurds in Amerli area by the popular crowd." .
He added that "there are 7 other people from the Kurds held by the popular crowd in Amerli, is scheduled to be released after an hour, and then it will release all detainees from the popular crowd by Peshmerga forces."
Bakhtiar said, that "elements of the popular crowd they arrested Kurdish citizens in the central and southern provinces, and we called the Kurdistan Regional Government and Kurdish politicians, to talk with authorities to stop this phenomenon."
The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan official in Tuz Param Hassan, said in a statement, the day before yesterday, that the negotiations still exist between the Peshmerga and the popular crowd for the release of prisoners located on both sides.
The foreign relations official in the Patriotic Union of Saadi beer, the popular crowd came to southern province of Kirkuk, Tuz for the burning of houses and shops of the population of the sons of the Sunni component, noting that the Peshmerga forces wanted to prevent it.
It is said that the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani expressed, on Monday, expressed concern over the recent events in the district of Tuz, calling on security institutions to protect civilians and their property, as demanded save the unity and coexistence among all components of the city.
He called on House Speaker Saleem al-Jubouri, last Saturday, wise to intervene to solve the problems witnessed by Tuz spend, and end the crisis as soon as possible, through the joint dialogue, stressing its readiness to support any effort in this regard, with all parties student show calm and restraint and not to be dragged into schemes sedition aimed cohesive social fabric.
The National Alliance, the need to give priority to the language of the mind, and the adoption of the approach of the national dialogue, to surround the current events in the district of Tuz Khurmatu away from escalation, stressing his commitment not to allow such condemnable acts compromising the unity of our people in their fight against terrorism.
Iraqi Islamic Party, stressed in a statement, the need to preserve civil peace and the lives and property of citizens that are not as important as the liberalization of their cities, it is a syndrome with Daash military effort against gangs.
He called for the Security and Defense Committee member of the parliamentary Hoshyar Abdullah, yesterday, the formation of a higher committee between the Peshmerga forces and the popular crowd joint coordination in mixed and where the parties resides areas, stressing the need to end the conflict between the two parties and the barrel of a gun directed towards Daash.
The number of elements of the Peshmerga popular and the crowd had been killed or wounded clash took place between them in the district of Tuz south of Kirkuk, after the Peshmerga manned checkpoints around the city in order to strengthen security measures in the judiciary, and that the force of the crowd refused to inspection or stand at the checkpoint it that has evolved and led to a clash and shooting between the two sides, according to a security source.

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