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Bush calls for increased US military presence in Iraq and the commander calls for a firm stance toward Russia

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Bush calls for increased US military presence in Iraq and the commander calls for a firm stance toward Russia


He called Jeb Bush (who is seeking to win the nomination of the Republican Party in the US presidential election), to increase the number of American soldiers on the ground in Iraq to deal with the organization "Daash", in the wake of the attacks in the French capital Paris.

Bush said in a statement published by "Reuters", see the "light News" today, "The air strikes followed by US President Barack Obama's policy is not enough," noting that "although the air force necessary but can not alone give us Results to which we aspire, the United States will need in coordination with our allies in NATO and more Arab partners to increase our presence on the ground ".
In turn, the commander of US forces in Europe, Gen. between Hodges urged in a statement published by "Anatolia", the Europeans' lack of kindness and gentleness in their attitudes towards Russia, in the wake of the Paris attacks that took place last Friday, and left a number of dead and wounded. "
Came Hodges remarks, after the Russian-French rapprochement remarkable, after two civilians from the two attacks at the hands of "Daash", or affiliated with it, in the last period has seen controversy in European circles about closer cooperation with Russia in Syria, in the wake of the Paris attacks, in which 132 were killed people last week, and the bombing of Russian aircraft in the Sinai area (north-east of Egypt) the end of October / last October, and the death of 217 people on board, and both processes Tbnahma "Daash".
He explained Hodges, during a conference on security held in Berlin, said he "can not be what you say or Russia is doing in Syria to dissipate our thoughts, or make us forget the 25 thousand Russian soldiers present in Ukraine, which is a sovereign state, in addition to the positions of threatening and moves you make against our allies in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. "
"I am confident that the Russians went to Syria, to secure their place first, and then maintain a foothold in the Middle East, they are not interested with President Assad, but their status," and accused Russia of "non-compliance with the terms of the cease-fire in Ukraine, according to the Minsk Agreement , as well as prevented international observers from entering. "
Hodges said, to "the presence of more than 700 Russian violation of the cease-fire since the first of September / September last, in addition to the killing of nine Ukrainian soldiers over the past 72 hours."

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