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Security forces closing in on terrorists

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1 Security forces closing in on terrorists on Thu Nov 19, 2015 2:41 am


Security forces closing in on terrorists


11/19/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - morning
MOSUL - Sunrise Maher
continues kinds of joint security forces and the popular crowd, the prosecution remnants Daash combing the liberated areas of the pockets of terrorism and cleared of improvised explosive devices and the dismantling of homes and buildings bombs, accompanied operations stranglehold dishes ring on the terrorists where they aim Astnzafhm prelude to eliminate them Baltoukitat appropriate .. with field commanders about finding a narcotic pills revealed cause hallucinations in possession of suicide bombers Aldoaash one of them Saudi.   tightening ring and said media folk crowd that the joint forces were able during offered on Wednesday, the Edit police station Alqtanh one of the important strongholds of the gangs Daash and arrived at the gray bridge after Day of transit Omar ibn al-Khattab and Nazim Warrar bridge, and added that troops currently carrying out combing operations and raids wide perimeter newly liberated areas. With ended the Anbar Operations Command, the task of the provisions encircle the northern axis of the city of Ramadi, and the stationing of forces, including in the area (the Palestinian bridge near Ramadi center) .. A source of leadership continuing security forces operations in combing the liberated areas in this axis also cleared remnants of terrorists Daash , noting that of the driving forces killed in the same axis and in cooperation with Aviation International Alliance of 40 Daashaa were destroyed 3 headquarters of them in Albu Faraj north of Ramadi, as the bombing of Air Alliance 5 armored wheels locally and bombing in Albu Diab area. hide Aldoaash  and within boycotted the province of Nineveh, and put Daash itself gangs in the case of the defense and to create ways to withdraw and escape across taken several measures, as Brigadier in the provincial police Mohammed al-Jubouri to contact the Sabah said that among those measures to renew a ban comprehensive roaming in the general areas of Mosul, starting at six o'clock yesterday morning and prevent out residents from their homes once and for all and for any reason whatsoever, as well as the withdrawal of detachments and Jlathm those gangs from the streets and hiding in places camouflaged. He said al-Jubouri, the Aldoaash told residents that the ban will continue without specifying a date for submission. The news reporter morning from the MP for the province of Nineveh, Salem Mohammed, saying that elements Daash they booby-trapped six presidential palaces located in the north-west of Mosul, indicating that Aldoaash planning to ensure opportunities to withdraw and escape in the event of the security forces entered for the Liberation of the province, which has become its infrastructure almost collapsed due to blasting operations and booby-trapping Daash carried out by gangs. It came Aldoaash measures that after their defeats, especially in the north of Baiji, Sinjar successive as well as intensifying air strikes on their hideouts .. where Dean Thanon Sabawi said to correspondent «morning» that the international coalition aircraft bombed a convoy of terrorists Daash Upon arrival at the outskirts of hand Qayyarah south of Mosul that killed dozens of them and the burning of seven wheels Hummer belonging to them. drug for suicide bombers and as usual did not give up Daash gangs for roads despicable to recruit beasts of the suicide bombers, the most prominent drugs, which revealed the leadership of the crowd popular Jabbar Maamouri, for the heroes of the popular crowd found the pills hallucination and narcotic drugs in possession of two suicide bombers Daash one Saudi nationality, were killed on Tuesday evening with six other terrorists in the battle to them thwart a desperate attempt to get closer to the first line in the block Makhoul Mountains northeast of Baiji. He cautioned Almamori that Daash resort to narcotic pills and drugs in order to create suicide bombers of progress towards set them goals, and this is what reveals the secret of recruiting suicide bombers and density of the battles. Accompanied by the army aviation and air force PDC nests gangs Daash terrorist with 47 sorties. A statement to the cell media war that divided by 4 sorties carried out by the Air Force that killed eight terrorists and destroy the enemy excavators in Mount Makhoul, 43 sorties of Army Aviation in which 20 terrorists were killed in the second from the foot of Mount Makhoul. Recalling that coalition aircraft carried out 13 sorties in Ramadi and Tal Afar, Sinjar and Sharqat areas, which resulted in the killing of tens of terrorists and the destruction of sites to them. Proactive operations   As part of the prosecution of terrorists Daash campaigns wherever they .. A statement of the Ministry of Defence that the Directorate of Military Intelligence found amassed weapons and ammunition belts IEDs and process quality in the area of Yusufiyah issued based on the receipt of accurate information. In follow the so-called Walker (state south to Daash) terrorists Iromon targeting visitors Arbain.   The intelligence information led to the arrest of wanted serious charges of terrorism by the Diyala police process quality carried out yesterday northwest of Baquba, They convert the vehicle a large load to the explosives store mobile to secure the needs of sleeper cells in Baquba and HIBHIB of explosive material.

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