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Infallible calls for an end to the political convulsions in the Kurdistan region

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Infallible calls for an end to the political convulsions in the Kurdistan region

11/19/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - Al-Sabah
stressed the President Fuad Masum, the need to speed up the solution to the political convulsions in the Kurdistan region, while the presidency confirmed that the Vice-Presidents' salaries have been frozen for the parliamentary vote on government reform package, accusing unnamed parties of trying to create a tense atmosphere in the disputed areas them for the purpose of fabricating a fight Arabic - Kurdish.
According to the two presidential statements Tlguethma «morning» the infallible Search, upon receiving the well-known political figure and former secretary general of the Islamic Union of Kurdistan Salahuddin Bahauddin, «the overall conditions in the country, especially the political developments in the Kurdistan region and the need to speed up in resolving the political convulsions, and said President infallible to his continuing efforts in this path », praising» role Bahauddin in working to create positive atmosphere and encourage constructive dialogue in order to organize the house Kurdistan ».
and heard the President of the Republic, according to the statement, to« a presentation by Prof. Bahauddin in regards to benevolent endeavors between the parties concerned in this area ».
At the end of the meeting through the former secretary general of the Islamic Union for« gratitude to the President of the Republic at this meeting », saying« the importance of continuing infallible President's efforts with regard to resolving the political problems across the country Activity ». In another, called the President of the Republic, during his meeting with the Ambassador of the new Iraq with Finland Dr net Sabti seen to« strengthen the bilateral relations and ties of mutual friendship between Iraq and Finland », wishing the new ambassador« success in the performance of his duties and the development of relations between the two countries ». For his part, Ambassador Sabti he «would do his utmost to strengthen relations and strengthen the frameworks of mutual cooperation between the two parties for the good and prosperity of the peoples of the two countries».
In addition, he stressed presidential spokesman Khaled Huani, in a press statement, that «the dismissal of the Vice-President of the Republic left to resolve the judicial» , indicating that «the Federal Court postponed yesterday suit provided by the president of a coalition united Osama Najafi» He added Huani that «costs that were paid to the offices of the Vice-Presidents of the budget of the presidency has been stopped since the House vote on the reform package», adding that «those salaries have become suspended in the state treasury until the issuance of the Federal Court its final decision ».
On the other hand, Huani said:« We went to the Article 041 constitutional solution to the problems, but there have been serious attempts by Baghdad to block the implementation of article », warning to« the presence of well-known actors were trying to creating a tense atmosphere in those areas for the purpose of fabricating a Kurdish fighting Arabic and we have evidence that health ».

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