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Residential building the largest investment compound in Karbala

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Residential building the largest investment compound in Karbala


11/19/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - Ahmed Abed Rabbo
preparing the Department of Housing of the Ministry of Construction and Municipalities and Public Works to announce Dunma.aota residential investment project in the province of Karbala, an area of more than 190 at a time approaching it from the completion of four residential complexes in the country.   Department Manager Mohammed Qusay threshold said in a statement »Sabah»: The «investment project away from the shrine of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) up to 5 kilometers». He pointed out that «the ministry will provide official invitations to companies and investors in order to take advantage of those investment opportunity and then form a committee to study the financial efficiency for those interested in Investment in the project. »He threshold that« the ministry under the guidance of the Minister Tariq Kikhany seeking to move towards activating the investment sector in the light of the financial crisis experienced by the country due to low world oil prices, considering that the expansion of investment projects base sponsor solving the housing problem, as it is an investment of vital projects The task that contributed to the construction of most of the countries of the world, also enhances fiscal revenue of the state through the implementation of these strategic projects ».obin that« the ministry gives its full support and facilities to wishing to work in the country's investment companies through facilitating measures, especially that the ministry highlighted the problems that hinder investment work when making modifications to the investment law by a committee of economy and investment parliamentary ». He added that« investors bring to the country requires creating a safe and suitable environment for them, as well as legislation encouraging the laws, especially as the solution to the housing problem requires the adoption of non-conventional policy contribute to a pervasive culture Accommodation vertical line with the annual residential increases in a country where more than 3 percent in order to build housing complexes suit all segments of society, especially for low-income », recalling that« the policies and actions of the former regime before 2003 removed the country from adopting modern methods of solving the housing problem and created a gap Large ». With regard to the projects to be financed from the state budget, said Director of the Department of Housing of the Ministry said that« the circuit and since 2001 its inception has completed more than ten thousand housing units », pointing out that the number of its projects currently limits of the 60 projects, 15 were located in areas which is witnessing military operations ». However he revealed« near completion of four projects in a number of central and southern governorates ». In relation to the financial crisis experienced by the country, subthreshold said it affected significantly in the financial allocations for the Department of Housing in the ministry, as the size of the Circle expenses in the past year amounted to up to 700 billion dinars, while not allocated to the department in the current year more than 162 billion », pointing out that they (the department) did not receive the amount mentioned 10 percent only». He added by saying: The «retreat customizations to this level Big Shell completion of most of the projects financed with the support of the government in the schedule process, making the Minister of Construction and Housing is pushing the vote in the Council of Ministers on decisions include a mechanism for the implementation of ongoing projects put through the method of payment on credit but not less than the repayment period of three years and the benefits of not more than 10 percent of the cost of the project ».

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