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The delivery of the curriculum for students abroad

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The delivery of the curriculum for students abroad


11/19/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD Isra al-Samarrai
and the Ministry of Education is working to deliver the approved curriculum to students outside Iraq, especially to Turkey after coordinated with the concerned authorities there in order to contain the displaced students in Turkish public schools.
Educational media director in the ministry of Abraham Weiss he said in a statement »Sabah» : Minister of Education Dr. Mohammad Iqbal coordinated with his Turkish counterpart in order to contain the Iraqi students displaced in Turkish public schools, to be their shift where an evening not to influence the counterpart of the Turks.
He noted that the Turkish Minister of Education stressed his support for students displaced Iraqis and estimated to number in the hundreds in his country , noting that he will be admitted to the Turkish schools that are taught by the Iraqi educational staffs, by taking advantage of the teaching staff and teachers displaced to Sabbatical Trkiya.ocd that the ministry is working to deliver inside the country adopted the curriculum to students there, noting that schools that receive students will be distributed among all Turkish provinces, revealing to prepare for the opening of an Iraqi civil schools in Turkey in the coming period.  
In the same regard, said a member of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Council, Dr. Salama al-Khafaji, in a statement made ​​by »Sabah», that UNHCR has conducted numerous contacts with teachers and teachers displaced from the province of Nineveh out of the country, especially in Jordan, revealing that five thousand of them demanded their salaries withheld for more than a year.
She said most of the displaced people of Nineveh province, in Jordan, are from the Christian community who have been displaced because of the criminal acts committed by gangs «Daash» criminal against them, stressing the need of teachers displaced people to their salaries blocked exchange, similar to the rest of the displaced people inside Iraq, especially as the Ministry of Education spent displaced salaries to the Kurdistan region through its Representative Office, which tracks their situation in the provinces of the region all.
She drew al-Khafaji, that most of them suffer instability outside of Iraq, noting that UNHCR is doing its part to help them by contacting the Iraqi Embassy in Jordan to deliver their salaries blocked them, indicating that the teachers displaced demanded the Ministry of Education to provide job opportunities for them Iraqi schools abroad to take advantage of the educational experience as well as to involve them lessons educational and Relay for students and do Porsche or seminars. For his part, stressed the particular source in the education of Nineveh »Sabah», said the Directorate had conducted contacts with the Office of the Ministry of Education, particularly with the Department of Finance in which to accelerate regardless salaries to more than 1,600 teachers displaced people and a teacher of Nineveh currently residing in Turkey and there is no any response from the ministry in this regard. He pointed out that thousands of teachers appealed to the Minister of Education Dr Muhammad Iqbal on to their need to Mbalghm exchange given the difficult of circumstances they are experiencing them and their need to secure financial resource for their families and provide shelter fitting for them, stressing that some Iraqi schools in Turkey have received dozens of teachers and still thousands of them unstable to their work there.
In the context of connected, said Education Minister Mohammad Iqbal during a meeting with Captain teachers Abbas Sudanese with members of the administrative body and the heads of branches in the provinces in the presence of the Chairperson of the Education Committee Parliamentary Souad al-Waeli, the ministry has sought to cooperate with the guild whatever serves the reality of educational development. And between Iqbal said the teachers' union have a role important and prestige they represent the field side in Education and her relationship and look wide to measure the impact of decisions and regulations approved by the ministry in teachers and students meeting .onaakec a number of educational files global and modern systems, and explored present educational reality in the provinces.

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