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The governor of Muthanna: our budget shamefully high Mdunitna

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The governor of Muthanna: our budget shamefully high Mdunitna


11/19/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - Omar Abdel Latif  
expressed the governor of Muthanna Faleh Ziadi his rejection of the allocations of the state budget for 2016 for his province, calling it «Balcarthyh» and that do not meet the minimum obligations which, in the time between when issued his province to the list of top cities poorest, he stressed that the indebtedness of Muthanna amounting to 30 billion So far dinars.
He said Ziadi in a statement singled out by the (morning) during his stay in the House of Representatives: «The financial position of the province is difficult and very state of crisis which led to the suspension of several ministries and projects of regional development projects, making debt exceeding 30 billion dinars yet.
He Ziadi to maintain suffer financially deteriorated, adding, «but we are at the responsibility we relied on the principle of working the funds available and the development of the internal maintain resources
by investing, as well as the adoption of the pressure on the central government's method further to maintain indicators that show that half of their children's 840 thousand people live below the poverty line, according to statistics of the Ministry of Planning, in the sense that the daily income for each one of them does not exceed 1000 dinars, indicating that the reason he was in Baghdad in order to put these problems and explain the sufferings of Samawah in front of those responsible in the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives their being close to approving the budget.
He called Ziadi necessity adoption Mahromep and poverty in the preparation and distribution of the budget as the Samawa suffer two of them despite the existence of a paragraph in the Constitution provides for the allocation of resources according to the population of each province.
and on the opening of territorial access border with Saudi Arabia confirmed Ziadi that the Iraqi logistic procedures of approvals customs and border services has been completed , but open a port needs to be a political decision by the authorities Saudi Arabia do not mind the Iraqi government to open this port and it depends on the nature of the relations between the two countries.
He noted the interruption of about 24 government strategically project and development of the regions, noting that the province Among its priorities will be implemented two projects are very important They Mjsr Samawa great, who arrived in the completion rate is estimated at 30 percent of the project
and project rehabilitation and development of Rumaitha spend, which suffers from a lack of infrastructure and tiling pavements despite the fact that the judiciary is inhabited by 250 thousand people, stressing that the project will cost 43 billion dinars has been submitted to the Ministry of Planning.

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