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Parliament: we will not re-balancing of the government

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Parliament: we will not re-balancing of the government


11/19/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - Shaima Rashid
denied the House of Representatives reports that rolled on traced back to balance in 2016 to the government to modify them, and it seems he did not plan it too, as the deputies stressed that the Council and the committees on an ongoing Bmnaakecadtha to the gates of the budget and pending amendments that will be added to it by the government, which is expected to reach Parliament in the coming days.
Finance Committee rapporteur, Ahmed al-Haj Rashid, confirmed for {morning} that «the draft budget will not delay approval despite the modifications that will be added to him by the government», expected to be approved according to the agreed 15 next December.
He explained Rashid, said his committee «bygone draft 2016 budget, and there are changes in the doors, because the International Monetary Fund has recommended reducing expenses and revenues on the grounds that it is inaccurate and untrue and exaggerated as well», noting that the Finance Committee «agreed to proceed with the budget until the arrival of the amendments by the Council of Ministers », expecting the arrival of« the proposed government amendments to the parliament next week », noting that« these amendments will not affect the budget ».
and between Rashid said the Finance Committee« has views on the budget revenues because it is inaccurate, where select the price of oil to 45 dollars per barrel while the Iraqi oil sold dollars to 40, and thus there are six trillion dinars Kaadz The last addition to the existing deficit originally and that up to the limits of 23 trillion dinars »In turn, his colleague said in the Committee Sarhan Slevana, that« the rumors about rebalancing to non-government accurate, and that the Finance Committee continues to be studied until the arrival of government amendments to them ».
He Slevana for {morning}: The« Finance Committee continues its meetings extensive and its discussions on next year's budget law, despite the modifications that will be added to in gate receipts ».
At the same context, said the House of Representatives decision Niazi architecture Ihsanoglu said continuous parliament in his work until the adoption of the budget law, likely non-permanence disabled in accordance with the legislative term decision.
Ihsanoglu said »Sabah»: The parliament will continue its meetings as long as there is a discussion of the budget law, stressing that the Council House of Representatives has not taken any decision to rerun to the government.
On the government amendments, said Ihsanoglu, said a meeting will be held next Sunday between the Finance Committee and coordinated Committee in the government to make amendments to them.
and the decision of Parliament, the House will cause the spiral to the eighth of next month.
In turn, said a member of the Committee Legal Salim Chawki said the government can amend the budget and send it to parliament without them returned, stressing that Parliament past in the study and discussion of the budget, especially after reading the first and second readings.
He Shawki in his speech for »morning» for fear of the House of Representatives of stabbing Council of Ministers budget before the Federal Court in the case traced him after the adoption of the recommendations by as happened in this year's budget, calling on the government to deal with the amendments seriously.
In turn, denied a member of the Economic Committee Najiba Najib return of the House of Representatives to balance in 2016 to the government also reported some news.
She said Najib In a press statement: that the budget law has read the first two readings and the second in a short period, noting that «there are many discussions will be held on them in the coming days».
She explained that «the House of Representatives will not restore the 2016 budget law to the government also talked about other, but the law will be it some financial adjustments », pointing out that« the government will send amendments to the law only to the parliament without rebalancing fully to it ».

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