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«Daash» application uses secret correspondence

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«Daash» application uses secret correspondence


11/19/2015 0:00

Translation - Anis al-Saffar *
revealed the news reports, for resorting to follow «Daash» to use an application that is common for the conversation via smartphones the effective ability to hide the texts of the messages that they exchange among themselves or with the disciples in the globe, for Sensors government surveillance in the countries in which it is available Viha.hma measure «Aldaasha» Paris was taken in the wake of the bloody attack carried out by a group of terrorists at the weekend. Where he was the terrorist gangs the most dangerous in the world, its supporters to use this default application to move away from surveillance and intelligence that follow their criminal activities and their movements suspicious eyes.
After one day of the adoption of excommunicating the organization responsible for the attacks that killed 131 people dead and more than two hundred wounded, some of them his dangerous , gangs «Daash» broadcast a message on one of their positions in the World Wide Web, after the transfer of the site to the so-called «dark Network», which urged followed and the elements to download this application called «telegram» and use.
Application «telegram» and similar applications, the source Almkhabratien harassment and security officials who say it hindered the United States without identifying sites militants «Daash» and track them down in Iraq and Syria. However, the «telegram» application specifically taking adopted by many non «Daash» since last year, where the company says more than 50 million users will help them to send a billion text messages Aumia.oasmah this mail application, for users that prepare their messages to preclude damage itself self After a time Mahddh.oost this email thicket tempestuous lies an unknown number of extremists, terrorists, and hopes gangs «Daash» in that more of them will come Alleha.kzlk there are drug dealers and gang members a wide variety of people of the underworld, but the reason for the attention of intelligence officials the said application can access the system is to facilitate the implementation processes initiated Alhjumah.oukd John Brennan, director of the Central Intelligence Agency and the US (CIA) to quickly highlight the importance of the threat posed by this technology while the fall in the hands of Alarhabiyan.oukal Brennan: The «technological capabilities available now It makes it difficult for the security and intelligence services, either technically or legal, that has a window view that you need to detect terrorist activities »He added, that« the twentieth century laws can not deal effectively with the misuse of atheist-first century technology ».
as see the US official, that «the terrorists' use of the technology available high security level evidence that they may have a deep study of the style of work of US intelligence and that they may do good to exploit information leaked about the ways and technical means used by governments in monitoring and surveillance Business».
For his part, is trying Director Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), James Comey, is the other over the past few months, pushing out legislation or regulatory solution to what he considers «the risk of entering into the dark network». And that while his office is unable and other security agencies, which holds the electronic surveillance for easily removing encryption for text messages and e-mails and other means of communication that can be used by terrorists and criminals.
* Magazine «Daily Beast»

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