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Deputies: border crossings is an important source to maximize imports

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Deputies: border crossings is an important source to maximize imports

11/19/2015 0:00

Baghdad, Omar Abdel-Latif
parliamentary Finance Committee revealed that a few funds from customs revenues go to the state treasury obsessed with corruption at the largest proportion of which, at the time attributed to the economic and investment commission parliamentary problem to the lack of state control over the majority of ports Alhdodih.oukal member of the Finance Committee Masood Haider Rustam that there is a problem in the application of the unified customs tariff for the existence of many border points of law, pointing out that obtaining funds where a lot of Alvesad.ooodh Rustam operations mechanism, in an interview with «morning», that «the information held by the Commission confirm that around 75 percent of customs revenues appropriated by corrupt while a rate of 25 percent only ones up to the treasury Ath.ofatt member of the committee that «the Central Bank and Ministry of Finance forward many proposals to solve this problem», warning that «the control of the border crossing points and follow-up mechanisms entry goods and how to obtain fees from the very important issues to strengthen the country's economy »He pointed Rustam out that« Iraq is suffering delays in customs administration and border points and customs did not benefit from the great potential offered by information technology in the creation of effective regulators in those points that », calling the executive branch to «solve this problem because the money wasted could contribute to the solution part of the current economic crisis» He added member of the committee that «the House of Representatives is practiced, according to the powers, its oversight role to follow up this issue with the competent authorities», called on the government to »to activate this vital source to maximize State resources and not to go to the staff ». For its part, the salaries, said a member of the economic and investment commission parliamentary Najiba Najib Committee recently discussed how to activate the tariff law in the budget year
She said Najib, in a statement to {morning}, that« the Commission confirmed during a meeting Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammed Darraji need to activate this law because it will contribute to the support and protection of the local product and the consumer and increase state revenues », indicating that« many of Iraq's problems can be solved by the application of the tariff law ».okhevc answer» draws the legislative authority to commit the government to apply the law tariff for being a law in force should be applied as well as hold meetings gathered the federal government and the Kurdistan region and the ministries of planning and interior, industry and finance on both sides to discuss the application of this law being in everyone's interest », pointing out that« the province welcomes the application of this law through border outlets ».
and approved by Committee the economy b »lack of state control over some border crossings and the lack of political will to enforce the law in some other ones as well as the traders they enter their goods through the ports that are paying smaller amounts which», stressing that the Committee «will continue to work with stakeholders to enforce tariff and remove all obstacles and problems encountered in the implementation of law ».

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