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Iraq has the axes Aiardih required activated

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Iraq has the axes Aiardih required activated


11/19/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD / Suha Shaykhli                        
Iraq suffers from economic hardship after the low oil prices which impact negatively on the budget of 2014 and 2015, so it is necessary to look for ways to reform the economic situation.
This is what began an economic expert member of the administrative board of the Association of Iraqi economists d. Akram Abdel Aziz him talk, noting that based on the depleting resource which is oil and exported as crude oil and in large quantities, which leads us to wonder why are not by the investment of these depleted wealth to establish a sustainable economic structure through the production of oil derivatives This is an important question and the answer is we hope that the Iraqi economy there will be a possibility to carry this subject seriously to be the hub of hubs or resource actors and maid paths economy in light of the envelope current difficult, Abdul Aziz also pointed out that there is an important fact that the Iraqi gas is consumed by burning vain So I think it is important to focus on this aspect Being a source Aiardia other than depleting and possible to work on electricity, manufacturing and fertilizer sector service and a lot of products, which in turn fill the needs of domestic demand if properly managed and the best investment this resource, which burns day and quantities
are enormous. religious tourism and went on saying, it does not prevent the envelope of today's Iraq from that it can be oriented to the development of religious tourism to be a revenue of about oil revenue to contribute to the restructuring of the budget and the diversification of the resources within it and we have locations in Karbala Najaf, Najaf frequented by millions of different parts of the world and this issue needs to work and technical vision of how to benefit from this crowd of expatriate to perform religious assumptions Flo has collect $ 50 from each visitor in itself is a resource is depleting and contributes to the financing of the budget and rebuild the tourism sector that works to revitalize the sector hotels and restaurants and will be ours renaissance complete tourist booster for the success of the visit religious. real investment suggests Dr. Abdul Aziz to The arrests of pension and social security funds travelers and the collection of all this is the money should be invested in real investment income-generating projects and other impoverished can also go to an important aspect of agriculture in order to encourage factories and plants for food industries needed by the local market instead of importing them, the industrial sector is possible that Coming up fast Revenue through those industries. The role of the private sector and draws Dr Abdul Aziz said the government has adopted to activate strategic role of the private sector in the words of the Prime Minister, this initiative actually make the private sector partner for economic decision-making, the private Vqtaana suffered a lot from the burdens of them treated by stop and the money that was owned eroded due to inflation and some of his money went outside of Iraq, the new steps that Tahedvha State thought to contain this sector the latest industrial initiative launched itself is talking to Abdul Aziz, an encouraging factor for payment and contribute in making the Iraqi industry relive the previous mark when we use the product for which wrote it (making the presentation Aq) yesterday is not the best of the day, but the art of managing existing and improve working conditions and improve the private sector could rise performance of the Iraqi economy this sector thereby contributing to the diversification of the Iraqi economy, the structure of all the joints and this is not as difficult and not so long ago, but the initiative and strategy if Ptoukatadtha carried out and managed in an artistic way will be a tributary of economic reform and development of the Iraqi private sector.

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