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DAQUQ components anticipate "document of honor" to renounce violence and support the stability of the judiciary

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DAQUQ components anticipate "document of honor" to renounce violence and support the stability of the judiciary


Long-Presse / Kirkuk
Announced Daquq components of political, religious and security and its activities, on Wednesday, announced the signing of the "document of honor" confirm resort to dialogue and to move away from weapons to resolve differences within the judiciary, south of Kirkuk, (250 km north of Baghdad), indicating that it as it was in "one trench Against Dictatorship "they fight together against" terrorism "now.
The head of the district council DAQUQ, Amir's brother, Karam, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The elimination of components, (45 km) south of Kirkuk city, and representatives of his administration and his council, and the leaders of the Peshmerga and the crowd popular Turkmen, and religious scholars, have signed today, a document of honor , after joint prayers Oduha together in the shrine of Imam Zainal Abidin (AS). "
Karam added, that "Everyone has vowed to be together one coherent with the security forces, to maintain security and the establishment of the system and the rejection of all forms of discrimination, racism, sectarianism in order to ensure the restoration of the situation in Daquq".
For his part, the commander of the regiment Bashir, for Ahd Turkmen, Abu Thaer Albichera, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The blood of the crowd of Turkmenistan and the Peshmerga fighters mingled in the face of Daash terrorist gangs on the battlefield," noting that there is "a common and cooperative understandings between the parties, especially that they were in the same trench in fighting dictatorship and still in the same trench against the terrorists and will not allow any abuse of the historical share a relationship. "
In turn, the commander of the brigade of Peshmerga IX, in the district of Daquq, Brigadier General Aras Abdul Qadir, in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that "the Peshmerga forces to defend everyone in Daquq without distinction," asserting that "the Peshmerga are working with the rest of the judiciary components to defeat Daash gangs. "
Meanwhile, the representative of the religious authority, Mohammed al-Yacoubi, (Amer al-Jubouri), in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The Unified prayer that took place today, constitute the message a new emphasis on the need for unity and solidarity among DAQUQ components away from any external interference," adding, "The meeting of the Parties concerned proved the foundation concepts of peace, especially that it took place in the shrine of Imam Zainal Abidin (AS)."
The DAQUQ constitutes a buffer zone between Tuz and Kirkuk, home to Kurds, and Turkmen and Shiite Arabs.
It is noteworthy that spend Tuz, east of Salahuddin province, (170 km north of Baghdad), has witnessed since last Thursday, (the 12th of November the current 2015), collisions and clashes between elements of the crowd of Turkmenistan of the Badr Organization, operations, and other factions, on the one hand, and elements of the Peshmerga on the other hand, led to cutting the road to Baghdad - Kirkuk, paralyzing commercial traffic, and the injury of hundreds of people Tuz a state of panic, before it is to reach a truce between all parties agreement to resolve the crisis in the judiciary.

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