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Terms Monetary Fund and the allocation of the crowd and the petro-dollar return to government budget table

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Terms Monetary Fund and the allocation of the crowd and the petro-dollar return to government budget table


BAGHDAD / Mohammad Sabah

House of Representatives is preparing to host the three ministers again next week after the government carried out its amendments to the draft 2016 budget.
The parliament had decided in Tuesday's session re-draft of the general budget for not convinced by the answers given by the ministers of finance, oil and Planning on many of the questions raised by the House of Representatives.
Speaks Parliamentarians for 4 points caused to re-budget to the government, the provisions of the crowd and the displaced, and money petrodollars, as well as salaries employees.

He predicted Congress that the modifications lead to reducing the deficit of 23 trillion dinars to 14 Trliuna only in compliance with the recommendations put up by the IMF as a condition for Iraq a loan of two billion dollars.
According to MP Najiba Najib, a member of the parliamentary Economic Committee (range), that "the size of the income and expenditure which restricted the draft federal budget law for 2016 was far from reality, "arguing that" determine the price of oil at $ 45 is not true given that world oil prices trending downward and not climb.
"Najib added that" the House of Representatives objected to the General Budget Law In Tuesday's session, and the amount of oil that the oil ministry plans to export specified 3.6 million barrels a day.
"She stressed member of the Economic Committee by saying," There are deputies from different blocks have expressed reservations about the licenses that Iraq has not been able to access to the quantities of production restricted in the project rounds the general budget, "pointing out that" among the issues that gave rise to reservations of Representatives are the subject of non-oil revenues that have been identified with 14 trillion dinars.
"She MP for the Kurdistan Democratic bloc to be" revenue allocations in the budget of 2015 operating and investment budgets were much better than budget allocations 2016 year.
"And on the reservations of the International Monetary Fund about the next budget items and imposed certain requirements to meet granting Iraq loans to bridge the fiscal deficit, draws MP Najiba Najib to" the existence of previous agreements signed between the Iraqi government and the IMF to support the budget, "noting that" this institution contributed turn off a lot of debt Iraq incurred since the former regime.
"She Najib saying that" the IMF stressed the federal government need to address the budget deficit is expected attainable with 23 trillion dinars.
"She stressed that" these reservations and objections Parliament will push the government to make some amendments to the budget law, including It ensures deficit pressure and then brought back to Parliament again. "
The condition of the International Monetary Fund removal of subsidies on electricity and the ration card to provide loans Iraqi government is trying out to fill the projected deficit in the budget of 2016. The Fund has also expressed strong about the size of salaries paid by Baghdad salaries reservations, calling for re- considering it.
Kurdish MP expects to include government amendments to the draft budget "deficit reduction ratio to 15 trillion after reducing the budget size to 101 trillion", recalling that "the public debt law obliging the government not exceeded their budget deficit barrier the 7%."
confirms Najib " high deficits and lack of conformity with local laws is raised the ire of the International Monetary Fund. " And suggested that "the result of all these actions will occur on the budget law to enable the government to get a loan of about two billion dollars from the IMF."
Emphasizes member of the Economic Committee that "the Council of Ministers will review all operational budgets without prejudice to staff salaries and the ration card, electricity and fuel." .
in turn, said MP Ahmad al-Asadi four other points were the subject of reservation of many committees on the draft general budget law.
He said al-Asadi, told the (range), said that "among the points of contention are balancing the popular crowd and allowances of displaced people and money oil-producing provinces, and salaries staff and not compromised.
"He drew a cluster of state law that" the Presidency of the Council of Representatives identified the beginning of next week, a new date for the finance ministers, and oil, and planning, "stressing that" the government will send its amendments on the budget next week law.
"stresses Asadi" the need to increase the budget of the popular crowd, which several battles waiting for him to provide military equipment and vehicles and the salaries of its affiliates. " He said that "all arms contracts for the crowd be through the Ministry of Defense there any allocations by the ministry for the crowd after crowd determine the body needs of equipment and ammunition." In a related context, it announced the National Alliance MP Ali Faisal al-Fayad, yesterday, that the popular crowd allocations within the financial budget for the coming year 2016, amounted to more than two trillion dinars, while the student upwards in appreciation of their efforts.
He said Faisal al-Fayad, during a press conference attended by the (long-Presse ), "The allocated popular crowd in the new year budget in 2016 is estimated B2 trillion and 160 billion dinars."
said Fayad, that "in light of the victories achieved by the Mujahideen of the popular crowd at the breakers Salahuddin and Baiji, Anbar operations and the sacrifices they have made ​​in response to the call of the religious authority to eliminate the gangs ( Daash) make it our duty to defend the rights of those Mujahideen and ensure their rights and reconsider these customizations and increase. "

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