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Emergency in the affected areas and the government is committed to face floods

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Emergency in the affected areas and the government is committed to face floods

Thursday 11.19.2015 0:21

Baghdad news / books: Local Affairs Editor
government authorized the Minister of Construction and Housing powers of the Prime Minister to address the risk of sinking areas, due to successive waves of rain in the country, as it had already sunk a lot of streets, houses and shops after rain drainage networks failed to contain large quantities of water, which He stood in front the competent departments unable to save what can be saved on time. This step, according to specialists will lead to fast delivery, on the grounds that the powers granted to the Minister of the Prime Minister of Construction has the power to issue decisions and disbursement of funds in record time to cope with any emergency situations may result from the continued fall rain during the current winter season. According to the resolution, which was signed by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, got "Baghdad News" a copy of it, it's due to the high water levels due to heavy rains, which threatens to Baghdad and some provinces, we have decided declaration of emergency in areas affected by the torrential rains that exceeded the drainage capabilities, referring to the mobilization of ministries and provinces efforts and mechanisms of the armed forces of the army and the Ministry of the Interior and the leaders of operations and civil defense all the voluntary work of citizens in rescue areas of Baghdad and other governorates efforts of drowning because of rising water levels, as well as the mobilization of the Ministry of Health and medical teams efforts to prevent the spread of epidemics and diseases . According to the resolution, the formation of an Emergency Committee and a higher ministerial begin its work under the chairmanship of the Minister of Construction and Housing and the membership of the ministers of defense, interior, electricity, industry and minerals and water resources and director of the Office of the Prime Minister and the Secretary of Baghdad and the province of Baghdad, and authorizes the Chairman of the Committee the powers of the Prime Minister in this regard to ensure the immediate implementation of the necessary measures, As The National Operations Center to coordinate efforts between the various parties. It is said that a lot of the cities of Iraq has sunk from the rain waves that are expected to continue during the coming period, which requires finding an operations room facing the risk of potential drowning, and the absorption of the reaction angry for those affected by the rains.

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