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Baghdad aids Sulaymaniyah money and fuel

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1 Baghdad aids Sulaymaniyah money and fuel on Thu Nov 19, 2015 12:57 am



Baghdad aids Sulaymaniyah money and fuel

Thursday 11.19.2015 0:43

/ Agencies / Baghdad news
Executive Director General in the Office of the province of Sulaymaniyah, Baghdad began to implement said
the promises made ​​and they are now waiting for having sent the money, but the Finance Committee decision at the Iraqi parliament says "If you knew the people of Baghdad that the government will send the money to the Kurdistan region, they will not accept it, "he says in the province of Sulaymaniyah member they Juloa the governor and his deputy to solve the fuel problem.
He says General and Executive Director Abdul Khaliq Mohammed, that there is a heavy load for the displaced them, as the financial crisis has increased the weight of the shoulders of the management of Sulaimaniya, adding that he decided to exchange instruments with 3 billion dinars within the project for the displaced.
Through Mohammed expressed optimism to send the money by saying, "We got the money exchange decision and wait to reach the three billions during this week to Sulaymaniyah."
reveals Mohammed for the second phase of assistance to Baghdad to send the White oil and fuel by saying, "We promised Department officials Iraqi oil to help us, and not to let it happen a fuel crisis in Sulaimaniya, but did km liters would send us clear.
"As the saying Muhammad, there are 58 thousand displaced families in Sulaymaniyah, and that the delegation explained in detail to Baghdad difficulty of providing needs of these displaced people," scheduled the establishment of a number of schools and provide the necessary supplies for the study of the displaced students, and soon will reach a high delegation from Baghdad to Sulaymaniyah. "
Before the visit the governor of Sulaimaniya to Baghdad, criticized the chairman of the province of Sulaimaniya, Haval Abu Bakr, Kurdistan Regional Government, he said that "the feeling of marginalizing Sulaymaniyah, made ​​us We go to Baghdad to replace us some problems, "noting in his speech to political conflicts because of the lack of political parties agreement, and criticism of the government of discriminating between cities.
This is due strained relations between the Kurdistan region and Baghdad to more than two years, and oil was one of the main problems between the two parties since the beginning, and increased spacing between them after the war against Daash outages and road Binmha, and since that time, Baghdad and Erbil continue to exchange accusations, and did not bear fruit some mediations between them for any result.

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