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Province: Anthml return oil relationship with Baghdad and we sell to 10 countries

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Province: Anthml return oil relationship with Baghdad and we sell to 10 countries


the Minister of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Regional Government, drastically revealed, the details of the export of oil by the province and revenues, pointing out that the countries that buy oil of Kurdistan of 10 countries.
Hawrami said in an exclusive interview with the Reuters news agency: "We simply can not afford a return to the old arrangements with Baghdad and the widening financial gap again," after differences over the budget has evolved during the past two years, because Baghdad refused to share respects the province of the budget in 2014 and 2015 .
He Hawrami "the Kurdistan region have been subjected to financial discrimination for a long time, and by early 2014, when we have not received the budget, we decided that we need to start thinking about the independent oil sales."
He noted that "buyers wanted to play the Kurdistan Regional Government to rent ships Shipping its own crude oil, and because of not having the Kurdistan experience in the field of transport or shipping, propagated the use of merchant veteran oil, Murtaza Lakhani, who worked for Glencore in Iraq in 2000 ".
and between Hawrami that Lakhani" knows exactly who want to buy oil of Kurdistan, and who will not deal with us, and open Lakhani doors to us, and select shipping companies that are willing to work with us. "On the beginnings of oil exports from Kurdistan, and the Minister of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Regional Government said that" the budget of the Iraqi state in 2014 required the establishment of Kurdistan the export of 400 thousand barrels of oil per day, which we could not do technically at that time, due to the lack of ways to export pipelines. "He went on to say" Kurdistan has received $ 500 million under the provisions of the state budget in January January 2014 instead of the benefits the region $ 1.2 billion, then reduce the region's share of the budget in the month of February, and then fully deducted in March March 2014 ". Abizaid Hawrami said," The Baghdad oil, which we did not have asked, so he went delegation headed by Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani to Baghdad trying to figure out what is going on, but they were not interested in listening to us and they continued in their decision to cut our budget. "He continued," We had to speed up the completion of the pipelines, and by May 2014 was the completion of the basic infrastructure, and we were ready to start an independent sales. "After the advent of a new Iraqi government headed by Haider al-Abadi at the end of last year, loomed on the horizon hopes to improve relations between Erbil and Baghdad, Hawrami said, "It was a new atmosphere, and we hope that it allowed to put our differences behind us." Indeed, Erbil and Baghdad took place in December in December 2014, an agreement To whereby the Kurdistan Regional Government to export 550 thousand barrels per day for the benefit of the Iraqi oil marketing company SOMO, to get the province on its share of the budget amounting to 17%, which amounts to billion dollars a month. But Hawrami said that Baghdad has not adhered to the Convention, sent $ 200 million Only in January instead of the agreed one billion, Msttrda "In February 2015, we went back to Baghdad to discover that it has cast Agreement included in the budget of the window, we told them that the employees' salaries account for about 750 Mleona- half of Asaish and Albeshmrkh- How can live on just a third of our budget? ". He added that officials in Baghdad," told us that cash on hand is all that we have because of the collapse in oil prices and the inability to fill the budget deficit, by the month of March and we came to the conclusion that we had no choice but to to begin oil sales independently again. "He pointed Hawrami that" as of November November 2015 increased the number of countries that buy oil from the Kurdistan region to 10 countries, he said. "If you ask any Kurd will say that the main dream is independence," adding " But at the government level, the main focus was on economic independence policy. "The oil minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi said during hosted by the Parliament to discuss the 2016 budget that" the central government halted the region's share after the last stop of his commitment to hand over its share of oil production a few months ago, declaring the government's commitment payment of dues in case the province handed over 550 000 barrels per day, ".anthy

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