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Chairman of the US House of Representatives calling for a temporary halt to receive Syrian refugees

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Chairman of the US House of Representatives calling for a temporary halt to receive Syrian refugees


The head of the US House of Representatives Paul Ryan, on Tuesday, to a temporary halt to accept Syrian refugees to the United States, against the backdrop of the Paris attacks that took place last Friday.

The head of the US House of Representatives at a press conference, "It has always been our nation Mrahabh, but we can not let terrorists exploit our sympathy to infiltrate among the refugees at this stage, it is better for us to be safe from that which we become repentant."
"I think it is wise and responsibility to temporarily stop in this aspect for the refugee program so that we can verify that the terrorists Aiholun penetrate the ranks of the refugees."
Made the remarks "Ryan", after the "Paris attacks," which Investigations revealed carry a shareholders passport Syrian refugees has not been verified yet whether the passport back to the bomber or not, prompting the governors of 27 US states out of the 50 to declare their rejection receiving Syrian refugees.
The list of States that reject both (Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida and Jogja and Idaho and Alnoaz, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine and Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin).
The US State Department spokesman Mark Toner, expressed in a press statement, the determination of his country to accept 10 thousand Syrian citizens as refugees on its territory, despite the reservations made by European countries following the investigations carried a shareholder acts of violence that took place in Paris for the permissibility of Syria, stressing that the closure of the door in the face of these people betrayal of our principles.
For its part, the international organization "Human Rights Watch" warned state governors who refuse to receive Syrian refugees, that they "will tarnishing the country's reputation as a place where refugees Almtotnon which enjoy security," noting that "the leaders of these states are trying to spread fear of refugee reception."
She stressed that "refugees from Syria, had fled persecution and violence have passed through severe security checks carried out by the US government."
The organization "Daash" adopted attacks in Paris (November 13 of this), and carried out in six different locations, which resulted in 132 dead and more than 350 wounded, as announced by French President, the state of emergency in the country, and the closure of the border to prevent the escape of the perpetrators of the attacks, which targeted restaurants, plazas and one of them took place near France International Stadium, which was home to a match between France and Germany.

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