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Message to Assad from US Senator Black: the war on Syria aggression by foreign powers to impose a puppet regime by force

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Message to Assad from US Senator Black: the war on Syria aggression by foreign powers to impose a puppet regime by force


Agencies - Syrian President Bashar al-Assad received a message from US Senator Richard Black came in. "I am well pleased to intervene against the Russian armies that invade Syria and their support of the Syrian army has made ​​dramatic steps against the terrorists."
The Black Senator from the state of Virginia .. I was pleased landslide victory against "Daash" in Kwers Airport .. greetings to those who heroically rescued the lives of thousand brave Syrian troops from certain death .. I am convinced that such victories looming horizon.

Senator Black stressed that the Syrian war was not caused by internal disturbances .. was a war of illegal aggression by external forces designed to impose a puppet regime by force, pointing out that General Wesley Clark, former commander of the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe revealed that in 2001 developed Western powers plans to overthrow the regime in Syria, however, and after 15 years of military acts of conspiracy, the NATO, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have not been able yet to identify a single leader "revolutionaries" enjoys popular support among the Syrian people.

He said Senator Black .. no right of Western powers to drop the legitimacy of elections and impose their will on the Syrian people .. Syrians alone must decide their fate without following up external interference .. I am disappointed .. that the United Nations turn a blind eye to illegal interference in the internal affairs of Syria .

Senator Black .. before the start of the war, the Syrians greater freedom of belief and equality for women of any Arab people .. many Americans are surprised to find out that the Syrian constitution provides for freedom of elections and freedom of religion and women's rights and the rule of law .. and by the criticism of Syria, the United States should First insists that gives our allies, "Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait," similar freedoms to their people.

He added .. I am disappointed because the United States has faced Russian assistance to Syria to transfer shipments of anti-tank Jintao missiles for terrorists and this will prolong only bloodshed in Syria .. Providing "good terrorists" weapons and prevent them from "bad terrorists" Game stupid .. and Publishing mindless missiles Jintao threatens civil aviation throughout the world .. The long-range anti-tank weapon can target passenger aircraft preparing for take-off and destroy them easily.

He continued .. As a senator for the state of Virginia I am concerned that such missiles could find their way into remote areas adjacent to the local airport for Reagan and Dulles International Airport and others have continued with the President of the United States about this my schedule.

Senator Black .. received today conquest Army US military aid intensive adding .. The Conquest Army includes "Al-Nusra Front" which swore allegiance to the base, this means that the United States provides weapons to the terrorists themselves who killed three thousand US on the 11th of September and that this dirty betrayal of the victims of the 11 September.

He added .. People have started to realize that the terrorists Syrian-backed militarily from our allies, "Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar," and indeed

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