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Iranian official: Saudi Arabia more aggressive of Israel and it must not forget the fate of Saddam

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Iranian official: Saudi Arabia more aggressive of Israel and it must not forget the fate of Saddam


Follow-up -oreet - President of the Committee on Foreign Policy and National Security Council in the Iranian Majlis Alaeddin Boroujerdi said that "Saudia Arabia more aggressive in their practices and massacres of Israel, calling on Saudis not to forget Saddam's fate as head of the former Iraqi Alnzaa.
Boroujerdi said in an interview with the Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar "Even today, does not have a good relationship with Saudi Arabia, we are sorry for the Saudi behavior which is based on the killing of people and destruction of Yemen and infrastructure it."

"We see that the aggression practiced by the Saudi greater than those practiced by the Zionist enemy (Israel)", adding that "our problem with Saudi Arabia is not only the incident to defend the pilgrims in Mina, we owe its work in Yemen and Sloکha criminal to commit massacres against the Yemeni people , and this reminds us what to do (ousted Iraqi President) Saddam Hussein's massacres, and we call upon all to reflect what the outgrowth of their own destiny. "

And data on the fate of former Iranian ambassador to Lebanon Ghazanfar corner Abadi, after losing in the disaster of me, Boroujerdi replied, "So far we have not reached a conclusion, and we are following this issue, and our position is that as long as Saudi Arabia did not prove the death of Ambassador Abadi, the hypothesis is that a kidnapped in Saudi Arabia. "

And the Syrian file, and the path of Vienna, Boroujerdi said that "the international atmosphere varied and everyone insist, led by the United States Alomیrکیh, the participation of Iran in the Vienna negotiations, and the fact that the objecting sole on this participation is Saudi Arabia, which scream, but no one turned to screams."

The Iranian official said, "We have incorporated some of the points in the previous Vienna, such as the people's right to determine the future of the regime and President Assad, and more opinions were adopted and included in the final submission."

He added that "the West in a state of contradiction for Syria, on the one hand he wants to go along with its allies in the region, کtrکیa, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, hand the other is the fear of the expansion of uncontrolled sensible terrorism, so we see that when Russia intervened to fight terrorism in Syria, was not able to Omیrکa objection, because it is consistent with the international resolutions. "

He Chair of the foreign policy and national security of the Couny

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