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The unemployed in the oil fields

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1 The unemployed in the oil fields on Wed Nov 18, 2015 3:53 am



The unemployed in the oil fields

11/18/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - morning - KUT - Hassan Shahid al-Azzawi,
the Oil Ministry is working in cooperation with the producing provinces to unemployed youth run either graduates or non-students in the oil fields and refineries in the directions of the adoption of the local manpower and provide and maintain the currency Alassabh.oppema connection obtained the local administration in Wasit province, the Ministry's approval to open two offices to run the unemployed people of the province in the fields of Ahdab and Badra oilfields.
It is hoped to have the two offices significant impact in providing employment opportunities and the elimination of unemployment, especially with a renewed call the province to set up a refinery of its own and an oil company disengagement oil company middle.
Director of Media conservative Thamer Abdul-Sahib said in a statement »Sabah»: The local government has been able to obtain the approval of the Minister of Oil to open my office running in the fields of Ahdab and Badra oilfields, for job creation and operation of the unemployed in oil installations, warning that the two offices will be have a profound impact revive the income of hundreds of families through the operation of their children and thus eliminating the specter of unemployment which forces young people to emigrate from the country and search for job opportunities in Western countries, pointing out that the governor received a promise from the oil minister, the implementation of all the demands and benefits of oil province, according to the controls.
He explained that the conservative owner Saidi Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi met on the sidelines of deliberative conference for the oil ministry, which was held in Gharraf field in Nasiriyah, noting that the meeting, which took half an hour to ensure discuss activating the laws exchanged between the central and local governments and authorities and the emphasis on the right to maintain the establishment of oil refinery and ownership own oil company disengagement oil company Allost.oavad that the governor called for the establishment of a private oil company to maintain disengagement company central oil-like companies Basra, Maysan and Nasiriyah oil, especially after the great stock has reached the province in the Ahdab oil field of liquid and dry gas, in addition to oil production, which is divided by 140 000 barrels per day in the Ahdab oil field exceeded 185 000 barrels per day 0.25 west of Kut km and 45 000 barrels per day in the Badra oil field 90 km east of Kut, as well as ownership of oil fields discovered and undiscovered with the availability of the Angels and equipment to set up a company Alnaftyh.onoh Abdul-Sahib that of the province of Wasit right to set up its own oil company, when compared with other provinces, which owns oil companies even though it did not reach what we have reached Wasit from oil production, noting that the conservative student to declare the fields of nail and starlings which were their discovery by the Ministry of Oil in the seventies of the last century in Wasit province within the licensing round.
He added that the governor called on the oil minister to give local government authority to contract with investment companies to set up oil refinery, in order to benefit from the production fields of Ahdab and Badra oilfields, noting that a number of companies specialized foreign processing power and the establishment of oil refineries, made ​​to maintain earlier request to build oil refinery capacity of 150 thousand barrels per day.
In turn, the director of hand Liberal west of Kut Baqer spinal student, to compensate the families of the environmental effects of the Ahdab oil field, calling the company's operating in the field to the inclusion of young people the opportunities to work fit in with their qualifications.
He said spinal «morning» that the still suffer from marginalization despite its embrace big oil Ahdab which exceed its production of 180 000 barrels per day, as well as 150 tons of natural gas, which works to bridge the need to maintain the full.
He said that the sons of the spite of these privileges are still suffering from environmental pollution left by the oil field on the dangerous and exciting, calling on the local government to compensate those affected by the sons of hand because of environmental pollution successor field, and find appropriate solutions in This matter, along with the pressure on the company operating in the field for the appointment of unemployed college graduates and workers to suit their qualifications.

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