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«Morning» unique to disclose a proposal to resolve the Kurdish crisis

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«Morning» unique to disclose a proposal to resolve the Kurdish crisis


11/18/2015 0:00

Sulaimaniyah - Sabah
Al «morning» of leadership reliable sources that the next meeting between the two main parties «National Union and the Kurdistan Democratic Party» will be the last and decisive towards ending the political crisis in the Kurdistan region, which is approaching from the fourth month.
According to high-level leadership, the National Union delegation carries with it to the next meeting a proposal to lead to a solution to the presidential crisis and includes re-political situation in Kurdistan to before 1210 when it was to prevent the current President of Parliament Dr. Yusuf Mohamed from entering the city of Arbil and the expulsion of four ministers from the government for the MDC later, so that the speaker of parliament returns to practice Official tasks in Erbil, and re-ministers to their posts, compared to entrust parliament after the resumption of its meetings by issuing a decision is the mandate of the President of the Region present Massoud Barzani, the outgoing exercise of his duties as head of the province until the organization of the upcoming parliamentary elections.
The source »Sabah», that the authorization process are all three or six months, indicating that the mandate will continue until the date of the next election solutions and the election of a new president for the region, as the law of the presidency and the current draft constitution and parliamentary decisions which are clear texts on the presidency of the region do not exist, and there the text says concurrently presidential and parliamentary elections, but because of the extension mandate of the current president, Massoud Barzani, two years ago for a period of only two years, it has distorted the electoral conjunction, there is no specific provision addresses the problem of vacant presidential position in light of the continuity of the parliamentary session, and it was likely this proposal as a compromise to overcome the crisis, stressing that the proposal has been approved by the Democratic Party.
This comes at a time when the newspaper, «Awene» Kurdish from its own sources, that the Democratic Party, speaking on condition of restoration to the former nature exemption and switching the current President of Parliament Dr. Yusuf Mohammed, and so reported to the National Union, which is currently busy purify the atmosphere in preparation for the resumption of five-year negotiations, not The movement for change is absolutely rejected any requirement that switching the current President of the Parliament.
and began the political crisis in specifically the Kurdistan region since June last due to talk about the end of the third term of Massoud Barzani, the president of the region where he was elected in 2005 as he was elected for the second time as president in 2009 during direct ballot was in the twenty-fifth of July of that year, scoring 69 percent of the vote.
After the end of the legal period of his presidency in August of 2013. His mandate was extended for two years in accordance with the agreement between the PUK and the KDP then objected opposition strongly on the extension.
flared situation while Citizens of the province of Sulaymaniyah areas of demonstrations and sit-ins for teachers came out was followed by violent protests in the cities of Sulaymaniyah and Castle Daza and Kalar and Syed Sadiq and Penguin ended mostly the attack on the headquarters of the Democratic Party, who threw the responsibility on the movement of change, describing them as »inciting the demonstrations».

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