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An invitation to form a special unit following the progress of projects

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An invitation to form a special unit following the progress of projects


11/18/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb
SME axis represents the starting point for the process of economic development strategy plans that require a court to determine the funds allocated to it paths and serve to activate the process of production and services in Iraq.
D. Sadiq al-Shammari said that the development program needs to develop a vision and formulate strategies for the purpose of development and the development and activation and revitalization of small and medium enterprises, as should be done to assess the reality of small and medium enterprises and all sectors: agricultural, industrial, service, real estate and the reasons for the deterioration or lack of funding, continuity and work to identify the problems and constraints.
He stressed in an interview with «morning» on the need to study the investment map of the Ministry of Planning and determine a safe and stable areas and to exclude areas with high more than 100 percent risk, as well as identifying the type of project and the number of employees. And the quality of the product provided and enclose an integrated and a proposed study, and argued the possibility that the practice of Islamic banks the role of the funding for these projects and have products suitable for these projects.
Shammari between the need for the formation of a special unit or department at the Central Bank of Iraq belonging or linked to the Directorate-General for the banking and credit control with the task of study and follow-up of these projects and their locations, proliferation and the quality of the product offered and cash inflows to be able to pay out the loan granted to him.
He stressed the follow-up to the establishment of incubators for businesses that require appropriate strategic choices or appropriate planning if they are to be real development, with the overall objective of this strategy make a real positive change in society that is by giving up the practices, policies and behaviors, attitudes and levels of technical and economic performance and social ineffective, and developed into the best and the latest and most productive, pointing out that the achievement of the strategic key must be fed or pour into a group of sub-strategies that must be operate consistently and harmonious.
He said, became small and medium-sized enterprises as provide 80 percent of the total employment and contributes 90 per cent of GDP, which is one of the most important elements of development strategies and economic development in most countries of the world, given the flexible nature of this most projects in preparation to cope with the new global situation, which requires a response to market demands and development processions for the movement of supply and demand and the speed of these projects are an opportunity to stay much bigger than large projects and institutions with little flexibility massive structures. Shammari said the strategy Small Enterprise Development means developing a national plan to support and encourage and care for these projects, so clear out the goals and determined which mechanisms and tools necessary to implement this plan and procedures within a clear timetable and in line with the strategy of development on the one hand and the possibility of participation and coordination among the concerned parties in the State On the other hand, and therefore the achievement of strategic small medium enterprises development means a set of integrated policies in various fields.
In order to support and outsourcing for small and medium-sized enterprises Shammari stressed the need to provide soft loans in the framework of the completion of the ability to use and employment in the area of the Decent Work Agenda and to reduce unemployment and expand self-employment and self-employment and encourage initiatives culture of
the individual.
The Iraqi government has issued support small income-generating projects law, a micro-finance projects to exceed the number of employees (10) people that amount to no more than (20) million and interest-free grants for the purpose of development projects Small business through the provision of professional creators who have a well-developed ideas.

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