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Lina al-Moussawi,
the title of the article (oil-for-peace) may Abdogar strange to the reader from the first glance may seem
familiar, it may be the Iraqi citizen has traded in the previous sentences of the same weight, but it at all, do not carry the same meaning .... For example, the oil-for-food, oil-for-medicine ... but it's completely different here to what extent must change the situation, so that the oil be counter to peace once
a new idea, and a more humane and «justice» to some extent ...
At the level of Iraq, a country that occupies the fifth place in oil reserves «globally», the third largest, after Saudi Arabia and Iran, reserve oil «regional», the least we can provide this wealth of its people and its government, is the enjoyment of «natural peace» ... Peace gives citizens the full opportunity to exercise the right «choice »... choose from headed, to choose their representatives, as well as ... to choose from, which could have locked in« conflict »with him and for him?
and that was the policy of the game but it is not reasonable that the« country »remains what, maintaining the level of» losing » In this game .... for many years, and for several successive generations this game «-valsaash develop rules and maxims change every day, every minute of the day what is to prevent Iraq I wonder to keep pace with this change?
that the entire international community, is in« century the twenty-first of the history of mankind », depends on oil wealth, it is the primary source of energy« This information is not new », then what makes the country the level of Iraq Evtaqraly peace, which has the international community done or
most of its members, and here I do not want to download the international community« full »responsibility what happened,
what is happening and what could happen, but does not hide that it may bear some responsibility certainly !! ...
Well that met «people» Iraqi all factions and ethnic groups, its parties, and his government, to adopt the oil-for-peace and uphold its logo will change many heuristic, headed «look at the major industrial countries» to the size of the effect of «Iraq» on around him regionally and on the whole world (internationally), in the event that the new political generations of them have forgotten or forgot size effect.
The Iraqi citizen has full preparations for the work, for the advancement am , and to bear the «climate severity and cruelty, has the potential to qualify for the improvement of living, and the living future generations of it, but he only wants peace that does not contain runs the who became the weapons deployed such as the spread of food» and more more than conspiracy countries, really that Iraq can no longer come Victims more, or to incur more losses, for their «policy» is not governed nor can it, be governed by !! .. we are so that we can move forward to improve the «current situation», in order to get rid of austerity, and his companion »deflation», and all diseases economic which affects the arteries of the heart of Iraq do not need more than a «peace» ...
The question here is whether the international community, and consumers of energy, Almstgneh the existence of that energy
has the willingness to give Iraq «a part of this peace which has become a gel wish of the Iraqi citizen is a« feeling it! all countries can recover from the Gvutea, final and go out, its crises, but only the existence of peace, and the past history and contemporary validates »how countries can adopt themselves» and contribute to the effective management of «affairs and the affairs of the less fortunate resources which» .. .. and Japan, and the Gulf states around us, is the closest example, while not received from the citizens of the political situation and social thing, politics receded in the field of «political», either peace was «importance» can not be waived at all, or subservience to the will of confronting the existence of that important. Iraq does not want to contribute only «international cooperation» which occupies the minds and the writings of intellectuals all over the world and the international cooperation of this, can not be achieved, but the presence of justice of another kind amended Iraq can recover part of that Salameh, who became scarce, Kahh water in the marshes now! Iraq calls for the presence of justice is achieved between the major powers and developing countries that contribute to and effectively «perpetuate the greatness of those great powers are among those countries« Iraq  », the oil-for-peace, and peace for« oil »kind of bargaining may, however, did not!

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