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Savings and Islamic banks

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1 Savings and Islamic banks on Wed Nov 18, 2015 3:38 am



Savings and Islamic banks

11/18/2015 0:00

Thamer Alheims
about to look to external borrowing, the Iraqi economy gradually will become dependent on external flows entity, but at a high price may lose an independent economic decision. According to economic theory, Keynesian of the difference between the value of imports and the value of exports of goods and services to the theory of the difference between desired savings and investment desired (this also came in d. Article Mohammed Saleh appearance regarding savings imbalances).
Valedjar desirable is the substantive equivalent of the presumption under this hypothesis is proven. Given that this type of savings is essential to the reduction of consumerism must provide complete objectivity conditions effective on the one hand.
The banking items that have become a pot of this savings are Islamic banks or Islamic window government or private.
Where Islamic banks or Islamic windows still successful option in the global and regional economy, especially. The success of Islamic banks implies it meets the concrete social need, as it provides complete her legal protection and even welcomed (d. Timor Curran / Islam and the super-rich - translation platform of freedom p. 121).
Since it any Islamic banks or windows meet the social need to be the intake of access to the sums saved in houses often the result for total spending of 50 percent of the budget mechanisms, so Islamic banks and windows work strenuously to seize amounts in excess of the normal through the following consumption:
* do an awareness campaign serve and encourage, but savings, which has long been hesitant through the uncertainty caused by the security conditions and this is done through the State-owned banks to support this trend because of its exposed some private banks to setbacks or some excesses and deviations. This is done through the guarantee for these banks closer to the lock on the amounts saved in the first stage.
• Advertising and transparently on the projects contributed by Islamic banks in order to
reassure the depositor and supports activities to purchase their product or promote him to link his interests
him and defend the quality of the product. This is what raises his shoulders guarantee bank
of government that are imposed in the foundation stage only.
• Islamic banks generally operate under (verse 18 of Al-Hadid)
(and lent God a loan) and the holding of the loan is intended to kindness to people and helping them to the affairs of life and not a means of earning and a method of exploitation methods where broken borrower from his bottle of obedience to God.
(d. Sadeq Rashid al-Shammari / basics of investing in Islamic banks)
and this enhances the relationship with the community of the Islamic bank or Islamic window and become economically and socially interactive economic structure.
still liquidity cash stuck a problem and this investment by the savings of four million employees and more than three million retired and become an excellent pot to deal with him as to reduce consumption and reduction of import supposed to be heading amounts to waste this positive savings.

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