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Basra council demanded "processing errors and irregularities" legal and constitutional guarantee budget in 2016 for "rights" to maintain

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Basra council demanded "processing errors and irregularities" legal and constitutional guarantee budget in 2016 for "rights" to maintain


Long-Presse / Basra
Revealed for the oil and gas committee in the Basra Governorate Council, on Tuesday, about the existence of "errors" legal and "irregularities" the constitutionality of the draft federal budget law for the next 2016, and demanded that the province and the deputies Council set up committees specialized for proposals guarantor of the rights of the province, (590 km south of the capital Baghdad), and the pressure on the political blocs to be included in the project before approval.
The head of the committee, Ali Knight, in a statement received (range Press) copy of it, "the draft federal budget law put a lot of restrictions that do not allow the local government to act finance its share, increasing the resentment visual street, which came out demonstrations rallies to demand better services," He pointed out that "the project neglected the rights of visual masses did not pay any attention to their demands."
He called Knight, the need to "customize functional grades for the children of the province of Basra in the draft federal budget law, to limit the spread of youth unemployment and the opening of the field work for the people of the province in government circles," noting that "the project did not allow the province to borrow money or establish urban and service projects deferred payment system ".
He called on the President of the Commission on oil and gas in the Basra Governorate Council, to "embed budget paragraph authorizes the local government of Basra agreement with international companies for the implementation of vital projects and services," she returned to "maintain deprived of the right to dispose of money grants and aid provided to them by international institutions, because of the infinite act by the Federal Ministry of Finance, which called for many organizations to non-cooperation with the province, what constitutes a violation of the Constitution, and great harm in Basra. "
He said Knight, that "the draft budget which was approved by the Council of Ministers allowed for the Kurdistan region of failing to honor its terms if the federal government financial and oil with Bagyatea evacuated, while committed the provinces apply the law even if Baghdad did not comply with the financial promises with them," adding that "acceptance of two dollars for every barrels of oil and refined product from the province in addition to two dollars for the production of 150 cubic meters of natural gas, the province will lose a lot of money guaranteed by the amended law of the provinces. "
And saw the head of the oil and gas in the Basra Governorate Council, that "the paragraph survival of those differences owed by the federal government mysterious, especially as it did not disclose its annual imports", urging the Council to maintain the "formation of a specialized committee to take it upon themselves to study the federal budget for the next 2016 draft, and submit proposals legal rights to include the province and coordination with representatives of Basra in the House of Representatives to ensure entered in the paragraphs of the law. "
The House of Representatives ended, in (the tenth of the current November 2015), the first reading of the draft federal budget law for next year 2016.
The Cabinet, in (18 October 2015) approved a draft federal budget for next year 2016 Act, with a total expenditure of 106 trillion dinars, and the expected deficit of nearly 23 trillion dinars.

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