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In the parliamentary member criticizes the lack of energy devoted to the development of the oil and gas sector amounts

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In the parliamentary member criticizes the lack of energy devoted to the development of the oil and gas sector amounts


{Baghdad: Euphrates News} criticized the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary member Jamal Panthers on Wednesday, a few dedicated to the development and advancement of the oil and gas sector funds, revealed the existence of several hearings and hosted the Oil Ministry to discuss the export of oil and gas file tours licenses.

Said Panthers told {Euphrates News} "There is an integrated project in connection with the export of oil and gas, and we are in the oil and energy we have identified among other additions, so the project, and there is a great interest in the oil file, energy being a leading supplier of state, adding that" the Commission intends to hold Search tours licenses with the Ministry of Oil, and a mechanism to re-review these tours and development, as well as gas and metals and metal industries file, and the scheduling of hearings in the coming period, and we are involved in work on the development of this sector.
"On balance the development of the oil and gas sector Panthers said that" the government Iraqi financial allocations in the budgets of 2015 and 2016 for the development of this sector is very slim and the government should allocate amounts of oil imports for its development ,, stressing the importance to invest the Oil Ministry a private oil budget, adding that "there are many resources but customizations few to invest."
It is said that official at Shell Oil Company revealed earlier that Iraq is losing worth $ 50 per second, the equivalent of $ 4 million a day, as a result of combustion associated with oil production in the province of Basra gas.
He said Vice President for the Middle East and North Africa at Shell Oil Company Mounir Bouaziz , that his company is waiting now the Iraqi government approval for gas investment, which is burned decades, and then begin implementation, noting that Iraq possessed large stockpiles of gas, being able to be one of the largest gas producers in the region.
and will invest in the project size is about $ 12 billion , Iraq will retain a stake of 51% of the project, which is expected to be a guarantor to export about 600 million cubic feet of gas per day from fields in Basra.
He was a member of the Commission on oil and energy Aziz Kadhim Ugaili had said earlier that "The oil ministry focused at the moment on gas extraction, along with oil that has been developed within the current licenses as a condition rather than to burn ".anthy 1

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