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The international coalition he plans to deliver devastating blows to the oil installations in areas Daash

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The international coalition he plans to deliver devastating blows to the oil installations in areas Daash


Translation: Ahmed Alaa

Americans, military officials arrived at the conclusion that, if the air campaign by US-led forces in Iraq and Syria to Atstahedv oil infrastructure, which provided for the militants Daash hundreds of millions of dollars over the past two years.

Officials also say, that the rules of engagement with the militants, the extremist organization may have changed from the previous and became more aggressive. But there is doubt that the latest US air attack that destroyed 116 oil tanker belonging to the Daash parked near the Iraqi-Syrian border crossing on Sunday, that the international coalition began targeting oil may not dens extremist organization. In the sense that America wants to hit the financial infrastructure of the terrorist group.
In the early days of the international military campaign against the organization, American officials have made, that the oil wells controlled by Daash longer at the top of the target list, but quickly rectify the matter, a Pentagon spokesman at the time said, "The coalition forces are trying to avoid targeting under the control of oil wells Daash ", indicating that the degree of damage in the event of targeting oil wells would be great and very, especially since these wells are the property of the people. With the outbreak of war, Daash continued in the sale of crude oil on the black market and were reaping from 1 to $ 2 million per day of oil.
As is known, the militants Daash control of areas rich in oil compared to other, such as tenderness, Mosul and Fallujah and Ramadi, and selling of those oil areas to Egypt and Afghanistan, so the military Americans planners decided to target the oil wells and tankers loaded with, this month launched the international coalition Aktrmen twelve air strike against Deir al-Zour oil facility as well as the targeting of the Iraqi border near the Albu Kamal area that burned there the whole truck laden with oil of the Daash.
Pentagon officials, estimate that two-thirds of the militants Daash oil revenues come from Deir al-Zour area southeast tenderness, to reach the money to Mosul for the management and operation.
He acknowledged the international coalition spokesman Colonel Steve Warren, said the air strikes are not strong on oil wells, meaning that the militants organization was able to repair the damage and the sale of oil and destroy being easily repaired. In many cases, the organization has a back-up equipment to operate the wells within a day or two.
He said Warren told reporters in last Friday by his weekly press conference, "We realized that we need to reconsider how to target the oil installations, we think of the hit strongly so as not to be able gunmen fix bugs in 24 or 48 hours, so we are looking for something that would that long for almost a year. " There is a dispute over money owned Daash able to finance all its military operations that size, all assessments came, that organization in possession of millions of dollars that accrue annually. In the past year began to talk about what is the possibility of financial Daash mature in the United States. Experts estimated the militants that Daash earn per day $ 2 million, $ 800 million per year through the sale of oil on the black market.
And in the meantime, came to Nicholas Rasemson report, Deputy Director of the National Center for combating terrorism, that the appreciation of the United States on Daash possession of the money that he gets a million dollars a day as well as the revenue gained from the robbery, smuggling and the payment of ransom for the hostages operations. While confirming the Pentagon Daash their assessments on the profits from the sale of oil, it earns a million dollars a day.

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